Shri Rama and Shambary

Script for a children’s play

The play was written and staged in Togliatty Sahaja Yoga Kindergarten (Russia) in 2009.


  • Rama
  • Lakshmana
  • Sita
  • Shabary

Author: In an Indian village, there lived a poor old woman. Her name was Shabary. She was so old that it was difficult for her to walk and she had lost almost all her teeth. But in spite of this she was very humble to God and every day she went to the temple of Shri Vishnu to clean the temple and to surrender to God.

Shabary comes in, she moves with difficulty. She comes to the temple, sweeps all around, rings the bell hanging at the entrance of the temple and makes Aarti with an incense in front of the picture of Shri Vishnu (or Shri Mataji). Then she sits down and meditates.

Shabari knew that the incarnation of Shri Vishnu – Shri Rama – was Continue reading “Shri Rama and Shambary”

A Fairy-tale about Kolobok – script for a puppet-show

An amazing fairy-tale about Kolobok

and the Magic Flower


a play based on the motives of a Russian folk fairy-tale

by Yelena Mikheyeva and Elvira Ahtyamova

Kolobok* – is a personage of a Russian fairy tale. It is made of bread-stuff and it looks like a ball with a face.

The fairy-tale was shown on the stage as a puppet-show by Kazan Sahaja-Yogis, Russia

Scene 1

(The sun is shining brightly in the blue sky. There is a birch grove, a small village in a distance a bush of roses is seen on the foreground.)

Kolobok (sings):

I go and I sing,

the sun shines in the sky.

what a beautiful thing

to live in the wide world !

if I meet someone

on a wood path,

we’ll be friends and I shall go

to search for new friends.

(He stops near a rose bush).

– Ah, what a beautiful bush! If I want to get friends, that means I should like them. And how shall I like them? Now I shall tear these flowers and I shall give them to everyone I’ll meet, and nobody will refuse from my gift and will be a friend of mine. (Tries to tear a flower off).

Rose Bush:

– Ah, don’t touch me!


– What is this? (He tries to tear the flowers off again)

Rose Bush:

– What are you doing ? Don’t touch my roses!


– Who is speaking? There is nobody nearby.

Rose Bush:

It’s me, the Rose Bush. Don’t break me, it hurts me. I am growing here at the road and showing my beauty to passers-by. And the broken flowers will wither quickly and will not give anybody a lot of joy.


Nonsense! I need your flowers! (he tries to tear a flower off again, and the rose bush hurts Kolobok with his thorn). Oh! (Kolobok cries). What is it? So beautiful and so prickly! How shall I find friends now?

If I have nothing, nobody will want to be friends with me …

Rose Bush:

– What strange thoughts! Do you really think that you get friends in exchange for something – for a sweet or for something else?


– Certainly.

Rose Bush:

– Remember, true friendship arises only when love and kindness reign in your soul, to everything that surrounds you. And you become like a fine flower growing on our earth. This flower which grows in you, such tender and fragrant, such pleasant, that everyone who surrounds you is attracted by it and becomes a similar flower.


– Oh ! You speak so charmingly! How can I become such a flower?

Rose Bush:

– Look around. Look, this world is so beautiful, look at the sun and at the sky. If you want to awake this fine flower inside you have to ask for it. And just feel how your heart is filled with love and joy.


– The flower of love and good, please blossom in my heart and reveal yourself above my head !

(Sounds of music, another rose flower rises above Kolobok’s head).


– Wow! I feel something growing inside me and growing so highly. Yes, that is the beautiful flower! Thank you, rose bush! Now I know what can I present everyone who I’ll meet with. Good-bye! (He goes away, sings a song).

Scene 2

(A bear is sitting and holding his hand on his stomach; the song of a greedy Bear is sounding).


– Hello!!!

Bear (angrily):

– What do you want here? Continue reading “A Fairy-tale about Kolobok – script for a puppet-show”

Script for a Children’s Play: Snow Queen

Snow Queen, Fidelity and the Power of Pure Love

the play on the motives of the fairy-tale by Andersen, the author of the script is Alexey Yegorov, first performed by the Sahaja collective of Kazan, Russia


Gerdah (girl)

Kai (boy)

Gerdah’s Grandmother

Fairy of flowers

Snow queen




She–robber (woman, mother of Girl–robber)

Girl–robber (girl)

Finn (Finnish woman)

Northern deer

The author (a voice–over)


Flowers (small children play)

* – the words specified by italic characters show the action


(Kai and Gerdah are sitting on the floor before their roses in a flowerpot, the children are looking at the flowers and watering them)

The author: There lived a boy and a girl in a big city where the capstans of houses touch clouds and swallows build their nests under the tile roofs. The windows of their houses faced each other and the children cheerfully played and looked after fine roses on a small balcony connecting the houses. They were so amicable that they could not live without each other even one day.

Kai: Gerdah, look at our roses! They have become so beautiful!

Gerdah: And what a wonderful aroma! Just feel it, Kai!

Kai: I wonder whether we can be like these roses? Continue reading “Script for a Children’s Play: Snow Queen”