A Program for Kids in a Russian Children’s House

On January 31, 2010, Sahaja Yogis of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, held a program in one of the children’s homes of the region for children of 5-10 yrs. It was one of the brightest and most vibrational programs we had ever conducted for children!

When we arrived at the children’s home, the volunteers of the “Children’s Project” (non-yogis supporting the orphans of our region) welcomed us very warmly (we had got acquainted with them on the Evening in the Indian Style “At Laxmi’s” which was held in December 2009). While the musicians were getting ready, our sisters started decorating the children’s hands in mehendi style. Before painting, we asked the kids Continue reading “A Program for Kids in a Russian Children’s House”


Little Sportsmen Feel the Cool Breeze

At the beginning of January, Russian Yuva Shakti held a concert with giving self-realization for the kids of about 7 yr old – little sportmen.  All the kids and their coach were fascinated with what they felt. Here you can read a full account of the program: Self-realization Programs for Children during the New Year Yuva Shakti Seminar in Russia .

A Children’s Meeting Devoted to Shri Ganesha

Today there were three kids at our meditation and art-meeting: Soniya (1,5), Kirill (3,5) and Bazhena (5,5). We showed them a picture of Shri Ganesha and asked them what qualities they thought he had? “He is kind, honest, wise and he is very obedient to his mother. He also wants us to have such qualities!”

At the beginning of the meeting we offered Shri Ganesha Puja. Then we told the children the legend about the creation of Shri Ganesha (why he’s got an elephant’s head).Red flowers (red is the colour of Shri Ganesha) and sweet things (Ganesha likes them very much) added special atmosphere to our today’s meeting.

The art&craft part was also devoted to Shri Ganesha. We discussed his appearance beforehand: he’s got a trunk, big belly, one tusk, four hands, one of which gives blessings, another holds sweets and in the other two hands there are weapons to fight with evil things. His transport is, according to the legend, a little mouse. And again this craft was appropriate for both a 1,5-year-old and a 5,5-year-old. I think I have already got used to such conditions 🙂 Here are the Ganeshas our little children made:

You can learn how to make such crafts with children here.

Each child was very happy that he/she had been able to make such craft him/herself! And all the kids got even happier when Continue reading “A Children’s Meeting Devoted to Shri Ganesha”

Music Porgrams for Kids in Lebanon

Dear All,

Gabriel, Shyam and Thierry, three Sahaja Yogis from France came to Lebanon for 4 Musical PPs from 8 to 11th February 09. They were very sweet and very kind and supportive who showed how collectivity should work out. Not only their music is amazing but also their Spirit…

They played the Harmonium, Tabla and Marasca and other kinds of percussion.

At school, on 11th February 09, there were several music progs (it was decided suddenly on 10th February, without organizing for it, and worked out perfectly without any effort!!!!). Kids from grade 1 till grade 8 received Selfrealization.

The introduction was that this music will help them getting better school results, better concentration and better attention and that this is done in the schools in France and children’s results are getting higher and better results and not only at school but in life

Children in Lebanon

The kids were told (from 6 to 10 years old) the story of Continue reading “Music Porgrams for Kids in Lebanon”

A Program for Kids in Bergenfield, New Jersey (USA)

Yesterday we had our first of five scheduled programs, duration 30 minutes, at the Bergenfield Head Start Program.

We were two groups of two yogis introducing Sahaja Yoga simultaneously in two classrooms of children age three to five. There were twenty children in each group accompanied by their teacher and a teaching assistant. All the children and their teacher (a lovely lady from Iran and a long time US resident) were sitting in a circle on a red carpet. Heidi and Ophelia sat opposite each other in the circle; A 11×14″ colorful chakra diagram of a child in lotus posture was placed on a display panel in front of the children. The child’s face had features which could be attributed to any of the many nationalities represented by the Head Start children, combination of Asian, Hispanic, European, etc.

Heidi started the session by asking if the children could take off their shoes. The shoes were placed behind the children and Heidi proceeded to guide the children in stretching exercises, one of which was stretching up their arms several times and wiggling their fingers in the air. At the end of the stretching which lasted no more than two to three minutes, the children were told to shake out their wiggles in their hands and feet, so they could sit calmly in lotus posture. Ophelia then introduced the idea of a star was shining far up in the sky and how the children could reach it, but first putting their attention on a seed that was at the bottom of their spine and that by raising it up, up, up it would come up to reach the sky. Then, she asked them to raise their right hand (the teacher added, “your writing hand”) which they all did, and Ophelia told them to put their hand on their heart.She asked them, “Do you know what is in your heart?” One of them said, “a flower” and Ophelia said, ‘Yes, but what else?” and then she said, “It’s love. This is where you feel the love of your mommy and your daddy, your teachers, etc.”She then asked them to close their eyes and feel the love. The teacher helped by directing the children to do as they were instructed. Then Ophelia and Heidi went around and checked the children’s vibrations and helped raise their kundalinis. Heidi also worked with the teacher and she felt the energy and was very positive about the experience. The children eventually became more silent and some of them really seemed to fall into meditation. The whole room became calmer as the vibrations permeated the atmosphere. The children were guided all along, to keep calm so they could feel the love in their heart.

When the children opened their eyes, they were asked to put one hand then another, on top of their heads to check if they felt the “cool breeze.” Some children said they did, others said they felt the flower, and so on. The children were told that they could send the love they felt in their heart to others and to the whole world.

Miss Holma, their teacher, exclaimed that they would start each day with feeling the love in their heart. Finally, the children were shown how to raise this love from the seed every day.

The teacher said next time they would try to have a video camera in the classroom.

We all parted, smiling and hugging each other, and really “connected.”

Sahaja Yoga in Educational Establishments of Nikolaev City, Ukraine

October-November 2007

On October 10, in a library the first program “Spiritual and Moral Backgrounds of Ethic Culture of Ukraine” took place.  There were more than 130 people. Our public organization “Vishwa Nirmala Dharma” is known in the city. That is why we had such a big audience.

On October 11, we worked in School #17, Nikolaev City, Ukraine, giving lectures on the following topics:

– Symbols (grade 7);

– Music in our life (grade 7)

– Watching the film by Plyikin “New Model of the Universe” (grade 9-10)

– Rude words: what do they bring (grade 5-6)

– A Play-Program (grade 3-4)

On 15 of November, on the International Day without Smoking, we conducted a program on bad habits and on how to overcome them (smoking, alcohol, drugs).

On 29 of November – “The Purity of Human Relationships (the effect of telegony, precautions against AIDS)”.

With love,


Conducting a Sahaja Yoga Class by an 11-year old

About 3 months ago my wife Leela was asked by one of the teachers, at our kid’s school if she would like to offer a meditation class for any interested kids, after school. You see my kids go to a public school call “open class room.” In this school it is required for a parent to help every week in the class room. So many parents with special knowledge’s like science etc. will help teach a subject. Or parents just help out the teacher with grading, or arranging assignments etc.

Anyway after school they offer different activities, and Priya’s teacher had noticed that she was somehow more balanced than the other kids. So this brought about her asking Leela to conduct a meditation class.

The fist class was in November and the turn out was great – 16 kids and they all loved it. So much so that when the following week came the kids were asking Priya, our daughter, questions about what they would be doing that day and saying how much they enjoyed it.

Then came the second class and Leela again had 16 kids come. Some of them were really benefiting from the experience, and they loved it. Also some of the parents commented on how much calmer their kids were after the class.

Then came Christmas break and so everyone was off. Last week the teacher asked Leela if she wanted to continue with the class. There had been a little bit of a conflict of after school activities because one of the other fathers decided to have a chess club on the same day. So Leela was not sure if the kids would want to go to meditation or to the chess club. But the teacher informed her that she had already received 12 inquires for meditation. So Leela agreed.

Everything was great, and to this point now one can be happier that such an event is happening in LA. After all how great it is that we can possibly save these young children from the strife of our world, and the fact that they want such a subtle experience is a wonder.

So this morning Leela was sick, and as we sat around the breakfast table we were discussing how we needed to call all the parents of the children, that would be coming today for meditation, and let them know that it would be canceled. They would need to know so that they could pick up their kids right after school instead of an hour later when the meditation class would have been over.

Suddenly I found myself saying, “why cancel the class Priya can do it.” And Priya Continue reading “Conducting a Sahaja Yoga Class by an 11-year old”