The Oakee Doakee series

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Oakee Doakee is unique, in that it introduces to Western children (and reintroduces to Eastern children)
Indian mythology. Feedback from readers shows that the stories are spiritually uplifting, even for
adults. Although they were originally written for my adventurous son when he was a preschooler,
children of all ages have enjoyed them, including girls. The mother of a nine-year-old boy told me that
her son is even looking up the words he doesn’t know, because he likes the stories so much and doesn’t
want to miss anything! I may not consider this to be another Little Prince, but readers have already
become endeared to Oakee Doakee, and it is, after all, the heart of the reader that determines the value
of a work.

Publisher’s Book Description (annotation):
An innocent, fascinating adventure for children of all ages. Oakee Doakee and the Hate Wave is the first in a
series of inspiring children’s stories that take us on mystical adventures into magical realms where virtue and goodness eventually triumph over the dangers and pitfalls that confront our young hero. Loosely based upon Indian mythology, the characters and personalities tackle many of the real-life situations facing young people today – not least amongst which is our need to confront human selfishness and greed; maintain the best of our childhood innocence; and inspire others with good example. Beautifully illustrated, the author takes the young reader on journeys into the imagination, where rainbows can be traversed, elixirs provide inspiration and strength, and mischievous mice and friendly elephants are our travelling companions. Mother Earth features prominently too – as well as our responsibility to care for her, as she cares for us. This is a well-thought-out and beautifully designed children’s book that will bring equal joy to the adult reader.

From the rear cover:
“It’s not the destiny of every child to help save the world, but Continue reading “The Oakee Doakee series”

The Legend of Dagad Trikon – a great novel

Imagine…. discovering the key to the next level in the cosmic game of creation…

Imagine…. uncovering the roots of humankind, and the truth of ancient myths that cut across race and culture…

Imagine…. that the roots are alive, and within every human being …

Imagine…. true freedom…

Imagine…. that the time for e pluribus unum (out of many, one) is now …

The Legend of Dagad Trikon is a mythical tale, a pageturning story of good-versus-evil, of the search for ten caskets containing prophecies hidden by the Avasthas, an enlightened race who vanished ten thousand years ago. This compelling narrative moves across continents, from Dagad Trikon, an ancient site deep within the Sahara desert, to the elephant rock in Delphi, to Washington D.C, and New York, to Mount Kailash in Nepal, and the Vatnajoekull glacier in
Iceland, under which the first casket is unearthed – just as the volcano underneath has begun to erupt.

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The Legend of Dagad Trikon

Grégoire de Kalbermatten

daisyamerica LLC ISBN- 13 (978-1-932406-01-6)

$16.95 Paperback, 396 pages

“As the editor of the Legend of Dagad Trikon and of many other fantasy titles, this fascinating novel was unique for me in the sheer depth and scope of the stage on which it plays out. The breath-taking sweep of the author’s knowledge of world cultures is evident on every page as the reader is transported from Delhi to Delphi, from Cairo to Oslo, from Moscow to Washington DC – all in pursuit of a secret that has the potential to change the course of human history. More importantly, the possibility of real human happiness is visualized convincingly and the very fate of our planet is at stake. We find ourselves caring deeply for the characters and it is the heady page-turning momentum of this fully realized fantasy that propels the reader onward. To read this novel is to embark on a journey, an adventure – a quest that is at least as richly rewarding as the search for the secrets of Dagad Trikon itself.”

Radhika Rao Gupta, Danville, California

Reader’s comments

“This is one of those rare books, like the master work of C.S. Lewis, which draws you in completely and compels you to participate with the protagonists on their amazing journey. Having heard such great things about the book from friends, I had very high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. It was so enjoyable to be swept into such a captivating ‘reality’. Please let there be a sequel.”

Margaret Merga, Tasmania, Australia

“The Legend of Dagad Trikon is a fascinating story that touched me deeply, indeed, at times I had a sense of being in meditation in the middle of reading a chapter. At other times, I was profoundly moved, for I could feel inside what the characters in the history were going through. Grégoire de Kalbermatten has a unique and rare talent, the ability to put into words, feelings and aspects of life of extreme depth.”

Horacio Albertoli, Switzerland

“Reading The Legend of Dagad Trikon is rather like reading a sequel to The Lord of The Rings. The characters come across as long-lost relatives. It is a brilliant work and I particularly enjoyed the brother-sister relationship – it is so sweet, how they care, how they help and support each other. It is a book for those interested in legends and myths such as the Holy Grail or the Knights of the Round Table, those who are looking for a way of going ‘higher’ and ‘deeper’ within themselves, in pursuit of self-knowledge, and for those who secretly hope, or wish, that the enlightenment of the soul is possible for everyone now, in 2006, and that you don’t have to leave your family, your job, or go to the deserts or to the Himalayas, or to take drugs in order to reach this higher consciousness.It is also for those of a Christian background and who wonder as to the real nature of the Holy Ghost. I have never read anything quite like it.”

Geneviéve Brisou, France

The Legend of Dagad Trikon is a magic door through which we actually seem to pass, into a place beyond our perceptions of the material world, and of time and space, and into the one reality we recognize, which resonates at our deepest core. It allows us a glimpse of the greatest discovery we can imagine, as mysterious as it is awesome.”

James Kosakow, New York City

AUTHOR INFORMATION: Grégoire de Kalbermatten was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. He studied law in Geneva and completed postgraduate studies in international relations and political science at John Hopkins University in Bologna, Italy and Baltimore. He then joined the Foreign Service of his country and pursued a career in international organizations. He has been active in the fields of economic development and environment protection. He has led missions to over seventy countries and maintains a keen interest in world cultures and global affairs. His research in political philosophy and spirituality is ongoing.

The Legend of Dagad Trikon

The Legend of Dagad Trikon “When Jonathan O’Lochan, Counselor at the U.S. embassy in Cairo first saw the small monkey perched on a branch of a nearby acacia tree, he thought that the cute little visitor was pleading for food so he threw it a banana. But, in his wildest dreams, he could never have guessed that the pleasing of this particular monkey was about to change his life.”

So begins The Legend of Dagad Trikon, an action- packed fantasy, good-versus-evil thriller that embraces ten thousand years of history. Journeying through Africa, Europe, India, and America, it tells of for prophecies hidden by the Avasthas, an enlightened race who vanished eons ago.

Jonathan and his friends find themselves unwittingly on a search for the greatest prize that mankind can attain: the secret to how we can transcend the perceived limits of the human mind. The Legend of Dagad Trikon written by G.G. Kalbermatten offers a precise explanation as to how this can happen and posits that this is at the heart of the Holy Grail myth.

No brief description can do justice to The Legend of Dagad Trikon. One may legitimately describe it as Tolkienesque, and there are certainly elements of C.S. Lewis in the writing. What one can say for sure, is that it is an utterly unique and rewarding reading experience, full of subtlety and nuance, something to be re-read and savored many times.

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The Keys of Wisdom

Keys of Wisdom The Author Herself about the Book:

Hello everyone,

Many years ago I had the idea to write a fantasy novel. It has finally happened.

Where some of the ideas came from:

I grew up on The Lord of the Rings and the Narnia books, and they were my initial inspiration. At the beginning of the book, you learn that the seven main characters, aged between nine and eighteen, live in a pretty awful country called Teletsia. Well, the rulers are pretty awful.

On one occasion, many years ago, I was able to ask Shri Mataji what ancient Atlantis was like. (Atlantis was a legendary country in the Atlantic Ocean which, according to Socrates, went under the sea twelve thousand years ago)

‘Atlantis was like Nazi Germany but worse,’ Shri Mataji replied, so that is what Teletsia is – outwardly orderly but nasty things going on if you look a bit closer. The sort of place you’d want to get out of, fast.

A few pages later you read that some of the young people find an ancient prophecy. The narrator of the novel, Asha, a girl of fourteen, has a supraconscious power which later in the book gets her into big trouble. At the beginning one might think this ability is something very special – in fact it is supposed to, but then they realize supraconscious knowledge can get you into a lot of problems. Asha sees the chakras inside people. Kind of handy when you need to know whether they are evil, or can be trusted.

In the book, the young people go to visit an ancient stone temple, somewhat like Stonehenge – the Temple of Support. And here start there adventures and traveling.

An innocent child’s fantasy? A fantasy of reality? That is the subtitle, and it hopefully will bring a glimpse of reality to you.

The website is .

All the best to all of you,

Linda Williams

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