A Children’s Meeting Devoted to Shri Ganesha

Today there were three kids at our meditation and art-meeting: Soniya (1,5), Kirill (3,5) and Bazhena (5,5). We showed them a picture of Shri Ganesha and asked them what qualities they thought he had? “He is kind, honest, wise and he is very obedient to his mother. He also wants us to have such qualities!”

At the beginning of the meeting we offered Shri Ganesha Puja. Then we told the children the legend about the creation of Shri Ganesha (why he’s got an elephant’s head).Red flowers (red is the colour of Shri Ganesha) and sweet things (Ganesha likes them very much) added special atmosphere to our today’s meeting.

The art&craft part was also devoted to Shri Ganesha. We discussed his appearance beforehand: he’s got a trunk, big belly, one tusk, four hands, one of which gives blessings, another holds sweets and in the other two hands there are weapons to fight with evil things. His transport is, according to the legend, a little mouse. And again this craft was appropriate for both a 1,5-year-old and a 5,5-year-old. I think I have already got used to such conditions 🙂 Here are the Ganeshas our little children made:

You can learn how to make such crafts with children here.

Each child was very happy that he/she had been able to make such craft him/herself! And all the kids got even happier when “Ganesha liked the crafts so much that he decided to give each child a present”: all the kids got puzzles with the pictures from kind and joyful cartoons.

With much joy, the children agreed to prepare something very tasty for Shri Ganesha (as he loves sweet things 🙂 ) . Each child had got a bowl. In these bowls each put what he/she needed to prepare “Crumble pastry”. The recipe is very easy and even our little Soniya was  very much involved in the activity and, practically, did everything heself.

Our biscuits were ready just when the basic dinner had been eaten. Bazhena decided to treat Shri Ganesha to the most beautiful of them (we only admired her generosity!). The biscuits turned out extremely tasty!

simple recipes: crumble pastry with apples and dried apricots

Before going home, Bazhena said that she liked everything that day but she enjoyed cooking most of all 🙂


Illustrations to the article

Photos by the author

One thought on “A Children’s Meeting Devoted to Shri Ganesha

  1. Thanks for the ideas. Love those paintings the kids did with Ganesha. I recently heard about a young rapper, MC Yogi, who has a great CD called Elephant Power – so many great songs telling the stories of Ganesh – I especially like the Ganesh is Fresh track.

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