Shri Rama and Shambary

Script for a children’s play

The play was written and staged in Togliatty Sahaja Yoga Kindergarten (Russia) in 2009.


  • Rama
  • Lakshmana
  • Sita
  • Shabary

Author: In an Indian village, there lived a poor old woman. Her name was Shabary. She was so old that it was difficult for her to walk and she had lost almost all her teeth. But in spite of this she was very humble to God and every day she went to the temple of Shri Vishnu to clean the temple and to surrender to God.

Shabary comes in, she moves with difficulty. She comes to the temple, sweeps all around, rings the bell hanging at the entrance of the temple and makes Aarti with an incense in front of the picture of Shri Vishnu (or Shri Mataji). Then she sits down and meditates.

Shabari knew that the incarnation of Shri Vishnu – Shri Rama – was living now on the earth, and one day He would come to her and present her with His blessings. She was waiting for Him all her life. One day she felt that Rama was going to their village.

Shabari: Shri Rama himself will be here! And I can surrender to His Feet! What can I give Him? I do not have anything!

She looks around, shakes her head, then sees a tree with berries.

O, I’ll pick up these berries!

Shabary picks up a full basket of berries, then she sits down and thinks.

I’ll choose only the sweetest berries for Shri Rama; He does not like the sour ones.

Author: And Shabary decided to taste every berry to know exactly which of them are the sweetest.

She chooses the berries and tastes them. Shri Rama, Lakshmna and Sita appear. Shabary jumps, bows deeply to Shri Rama, makes Aarti to Him and offers Him a basket with berries.

Shabary: Shri Rama, You see, I havce brought this for You, I do not have anything else. I have tasted all these berries to be sure that there was not a sour one among them.

Author: Immediately Shri Rama rushed to her, took the berries from her hands, kissed them and said.

Rama: I’ll eat them.

Author: He was eating them with such pleasure, and Lakshman was angry.

Lakshman: (with an angry look he speaks to the audience ) What is going on? How can Rama eat these nibbled berries?

Author: but Sitaji said to Rama.

Sita: Do You like them very much?

Rama: Yes! But I will not give you anything.

Sita: No, I am your half, You should give them to me.

Author: So Rama had to give some berries to Sitaji.

Sita tastes the berries.

Sita: What tasty berries, as if I drink a heavenly nectar!

Author: Lakshman begins to envy her.

Lakshman: Sister, would you like to give me some of these berries?

Sita: No, I cannot give them to you. Ask your brother, my part is too small.

Author: Lakshman comes up to Rama in embarrassment and asks him for the berries.

Lakshman: Would not you give me some of these berries?

Author: Rama smiled and gave some berries to Lakshman.

Author: Such was the sweetness of Shri Rama and His skill to do so that people would feel comfortable.


(dried apricots were used as berries)

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