The Benefit of Footsoaking for Children

It was in Sahaja Yoga that I first learn about the beneficial influence on the organism of baths for feet. Negative energies that we could “pick up” during the day go into the basin with water and salt. Peace sets within, negative thoughts and emotions leave us, sleep improves. And imagine how surprised I was when I found out that doctors also recommend keeping our feet in the water of comfortable temperature where some sea salt is added. Moreover, they advise to do it both for adults and kids.

Last month, the doctor who came to make a professional massage to our toddler told us something about footosoaking. Our little girl (17 mo) keeps her feet in the basin with water and salt two times a day since she turned 1 year old. She does it at the same time with us (in the morning and evening). The masseur explained to us the benefit of this activity from medical point of view:

  • the nervous system relaxes – the child becomes more peaceful;
  • the salt clears the body of chemical waste drawing it out from the organism through pores.

In fact, if our daughter is in a gloomy mood it is just enough to do the footsoaking together with her for her state to improve for the better.

And today the neurologist who we attended on a routine basis prescribed our little girl the same method for strengthening her legs. When I asked the doctor what the benefits salty water are, she answered that the minerals which sea salt contains go into the organism through the pores and strengthen muscles and bones. It is very important especially when the baby starts walking as sometimes because of the underdevelopment of muscles and tendons little children can have problems with legs at this early age. And of course, there are plenty of impressions coming from the surrounding world and that is why it is also important to support the child’s nervous system.

How to Do Footsoaking in the Right Way?

Pour some water of comfortable temperature into the basin (which you will use only for this purpose). Add a spoonful of salt. Pour also water in some jar/pan to swill your feet afterwards. Do not forget to prepare a towel.

It is recommended to keep one’s feet in the basin for some 10-15 minutes. If you try not to think about anything at that time, it will even bring you more good (at least, try to avoid negative thoughts).

Swill and wipe your feet. Pour the water from the basin into the toilet.

It is recommended to do this simple activity in the morning and evening (at least, in the evening).

The neurologist’s comment: “warm water helps us to relax and cold water – to pull ourselves together”.

How to Make a Little Child Do Footsoaking?

Actually, it is very easy. If parents do it, the baby wants to do the same by all means. When our daughter is keeping her feet in the basin with water and salt, we watch some positive video together with her: usually about children (like “Nine Months Together”). But those can also be movies about nature, animals… Sometimes I show her pictures or photos. And sometimes I sing for her.


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