Shanti Hears Her Inner Voice or We Are Messengers

by Sia Reddy

Early one morning, Mum, Dad, Shanti and her little brother were sitting in meditation. Mum was leading the meditation and asked everyone to put their right hand on the left swadisthan. “Shri Mataji, please give me the pure knowledge,” Mum said and everyone repeated after her. Daddy even worked on his left swadisthan with a candle – Shanti would have loved to do that, but she knew she was not allowed to do it on her own yet. After some time Mum asked everyone to put the left hand on the right swadisthan and say “Shri Mataji, You are the Doer. You do everything. I am not doing anything.”

“What does this mean, Mummy?” Shanti asked.

“See, Shri Mataji is the doer. We are only the messengers,” Mummy answered.

“What is a messenger?” Shanti asked.

“The postman is a messenger for example. He does not write the letters, but he delivers them, so that they reach the right destination…look, that is interesting: In the word “destination” is the word “destiny”, which means; a destination is, where things are MEANT to go. Angels are messengers; messengers of God. We are also messengers or tools, instruments through which the Divine plays – like a flute. The flute itself is hollow, Shri Mataji once explained to us. It is not making any music on its own. Only if Shri Krishna blows into it, then the music is being born, through the flute as a channel, as a tool. Like this, we also have to be empty, thoughtless, and listen deep inside to what Shri Mataji is telling us.”

Shanti thought for a minute, then she turned to Mum again. “So, if the postman is the messenger, if he is the one who brings the letters to the people, are we messengers of Shri Mataji?”

“Yes” Mummy replied. “We are there to give realisation to the people, to pass on Shri Mataji’s message. But it is Shri Mataji who sends it. That is why we pray at the left swadisthan level to receive the pure knowledge from Shri Mataji – inside. If we listen inside, we might hear what Shri Mataji says to us.”

Shanti closed her eyes and just a short while later turned to Mum. “Shri Mataji said that it is the love. That we have to give love to the people.”

“Exactly” Mum replied, excited about the beautiful words Shanti had just said. “We spread the love, Shri Mataji’s love”.

But Shanti was not finished. “Shri Mataji said, I should sit properly. Look, Mummy, I have bent my feet to the side like this.” Shanti instantly corrected her sitting position and continued. “Shri Mataji said, we should respect other chidren and not hit them.” Mum ran her fingers through Shanti’s locks, as she always does when Shanti talks very sweetly.

“It is great to see, that you can hear Shri Mataji so well,” she said.

“Can you not hear Shri Mataji?” Shanti asked.

“Not as well as you I guess. You are young and innocent. You can surely hear Shri Mataji a little better than me.”

Shanti closed her eyes and a few minutes later continued to tell her family, what she heard her inner voice say. “I asked Shri Mataji if I could have a lot of friends, and Shri Mataji said ‘Don’t worry, you will have many friends.’ And then She said ‘I will bless you.’ ”

“Where did you hear Shri Mataji, sweetheart?” Mum asked. “All over my body!” Shanti answered, beaming with joy.

Mum gave her eldest daughter a tight hug and pressed a kiss on her forehead. “I am very happy that you are listening inside so nicely! There will be times when Mummy or Daddy won’t be around to tell you things. But Shri Mataji is always there to give you the answers you need. You just need to be open to listen to them.”

Vibrations were flowing so nicely that morning even though there had been a lot of talking going on during the meditation. But what can you say…If Shri Mataji said such beautiful things to Shanti, isn’t that the best meditation ever?

Shri Mataji

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