Parents’ Ideas

In May 2008 I, the one who manages this blog, became mother. A daughter arrived in our family. And since that time I’ve been getting experience on how to be a mum myself, on how to raise, bring up, develop the baby and care for her. Together with one more young mother, we have started a new blog “Parents’ Ideas to share the experience we have been getting.

Is it easy with kids?

Since we became mummies, our life has changed for ever. We have learnt to INVENT – thanks to our babies.

Life with kids is easy! Sounds strange? Sleepless nights, a stream of new responsibilities, all the habits and hobbies aside – in an endless care for the baby – how can it be easy?

It’s easy to become more organized and dynamic when this precious little life depends on you. It’s easy to be resourceful and ready-witted if you have only 24 hours a day. It’s easy to feel new strength and talents within: they are born spontaneously – in answer to difficulties and joys of new life. And, finally, how easy it is to be happy when your kid is beside you! And all these sweet tokens of childhood, too!

The blog “Parents’ Ideas” tells how to make life with the kid easier and more harmonious inventing each and every minute. Wonderful ideas, parents’ tips and tricks, wisdom, lifehack – all these are our personal experience, the experience of our friends and the fruit of “collective mind” found in the wide space of the Internet. We are happy to share all these with You – on the pages of “Parents’ Ideas”.

And we will also be happy to get your advice and ideas! Let’s invent together! You can contact us leaving a comment or sending us an e-mail: info @ (be sure to delete the space in the e-mail address; it is left to avoid spam).

You are very welcome!


by M. Rudachenko to “Allow to Take Your Dog for a Walk” by Y.Yakovlev, 1990.

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