Music Porgrams for Kids in Lebanon

Dear All,

Gabriel, Shyam and Thierry, three Sahaja Yogis from France came to Lebanon for 4 Musical PPs from 8 to 11th February 09. They were very sweet and very kind and supportive who showed how collectivity should work out. Not only their music is amazing but also their Spirit…

They played the Harmonium, Tabla and Marasca and other kinds of percussion.

At school, on 11th February 09, there were several music progs (it was decided suddenly on 10th February, without organizing for it, and worked out perfectly without any effort!!!!). Kids from grade 1 till grade 8 received Selfrealization.

The introduction was that this music will help them getting better school results, better concentration and better attention and that this is done in the schools in France and children’s results are getting higher and better results and not only at school but in life

Children in Lebanon

The kids were told (from 6 to 10 years old) the story of Ganesh who lived in Himalaya. Ganesh spoke an Indian language… very brave and courageous and do you know what he is famous of doing? (he respect and loves His Mother.) He went to the forest to get some wood. (some addings: he heard noises, he looked up, down… saw nobody… and while telling this story kids enjoyed to act also by looking up down, behind…) it was his best friend Hanumana -do you know what hwe can do? he has special powers- Hanumana can fly in all directions (here kids enjoyed imitating flying with their hands…) because he felt in the magic potion when he was a little kid. Also he can transform himself into a very little ant or may become very very big like an elephant.

When they came back home (with music describing the feet walking), all the houses were in fire and nobody in their village except a little boy weeping … (Gabriel was acting and palying music to every new event or change like a special sound when Ganesha walks to the forest…)

So they all went to the sage of the forest who advised them that only the fairy of the forest will save them… And indeed the fairy of the forest said, “you came to the right place…” and she helped Ganesha opening the 7 flowers inside him which contains the strongest armies on earth of different colors and fragrance (here also kids helped Ganesha with their right hands raising Kundalini many times with a special sound, “Oopla” or “Oops” maybe ). The best flower was on the head made from all the fragrance and all the colors (the kids were asked to guess how many petals she has got, so the kids had to answers and one of them could guess 1000 petals…)

Also the kids to help Ganesha open His Sahasrara flower, they did massage on their head, to see if they feel hot their flower didn’t open yet, and the kids who felt cool over their heads, it means their flowers had opened…


And then Shri Ganesha went to the Rakshashas (or bad people) who were very very big like a mountain and treathen them, if they don’t release the villagers with his father and mother, he will destroy them completely… so they laughed at him, how can a little boy like an ant destroy them… So Ganesha sit, closed his eyes and started his meditation and the 7 flowers inside him started opening and spreading their fragrance everywhere which made the Rakshashas very very angry to smell it and in front of Ganesha’s courage… and they started attacking Ganesha, but an army went out of the flowers and destroyed all the Rakshasas (or evil people) till the last one… Also another adding to this story about 2 flowers in the heart, which has the best weapon of Love and on the head (the power of Love : Best Weapon…)

When all the rakshashas were destroyed, all the doors opened by itrself and all the villagers were released… So they made a very big celebration, all the villagers participated (here the kids joined this celebration and performed a dance 8 steps to the front and 8 steps to the back. Then the same steps to the left and to the right…)

For the bigger kids, they explained about the music therapy, the sounds which activate each chakras (sa re ga…) and students repeated these sounds with the music (like sa re ga…), Also few banjhans like Ganesha, they clapped and also performed a dance at the end. The last class of grade 8, at the end one of the student played very well on the percussion called Derbakeh!!! After Realization they felt cool over their head…

getting Selfrealization

The school social assistant said that he is doing activities to almost all the schools in Lebanon and he is very interested to introduce SY in all these schools…

Also the assistant director was very interested to make more S. activities for kids so they can reduce their stress and violence (most of them have problems in their family and the school is poor and cannot afford to pay….) She also received it and said that she really needs it for the daily stress… she was very happy to start for little kids a program every wedensday.

Jai Shri Mataji!

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