The First Term in the Sahaja Kindergarten “Cool Breeze”

The first term in this academic year in the Sahaja Kindergarten “Cool breeze” has finished. The term has turned to be full of creativity. Everything started with a big sack of beautiful cloth of different types which was sent to us by Sahaja Yogis. When the sack was opened, the atmosphere was filled with a storm of creative ideas.

For the first autumn children’s party, marvelous costumes for kids (“September”, “October”, “November”, “mouse”, etc.) were ready. Then the turn of theatre puppets came. The puppets put on panjabis, saris and beautiful dresses. Then an idea came to make dolls for teaching. Their clothes (depicting different aspects of the chakras) became the material for Sahaja lessons. We had also got ideas for the performances about Deities: costumes of Deities were also made from the presented cloth. The children were very interested. Till the end of the term, they joyfully staged the stories and invented their own ones dressed in these costumes.

Art dwelled at the educational lessons, too. The children created such beautiful collective paintings studying collaboration with each other! They got much experience and made many experiments when studying the world around: they learnt to recognize fruits by their smell, taste, studied the meaning of muscles and spine, etc…

When we were preparing for the final party, first we thought to make something devoted to the New Year’s Eve. But looking through the window at almost green grass and complete absence of snow, we got another idea. We used the experience of Borotin Sahaja School (Check Republic). The final party consisted of short performances about the Deities prepared by the children and adults. The costumes made by mothers-Sahaja Yoginis of different cities helped us greatly. The children staged the scenes from the lives of Shri Ganesha, Shri Krishna, they made a dance to “12 Names of Shri Ganesha”, sang songs and the adults showed the performance based on the fairy-tale “How the Greedy Neighbour Was Corrected”.

When the party was over, everybody had a feeling that we were like “at home”. And the most important thing was that the whole atmosphere was filled with pleasant coolness which washed our hearts and plunged us into the Divine bliss.

That is how we live…
Much love,
The collective of the Sahaja KindergartenCool Breeze” (Togliatty, Russia)

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