The Seven Fairies

by Sia Reddy

A Story to teach Sharing

The story is kept short and simple and can be retold with more details and beautiful wording by the Reader 🙂

Once upon a time, seven Fairy children lived in their small, pretty flower house with their Fairy mother and Fairy father. The children quarrelled a lot and did not enjoy sharing their toys at all.

One day, Fairy Mother returned from the forest and saw the children fight about their animal toys. Ada did not want to share her tiger, Aba his elephant, Dina her lion and so forth. Suddenly the mother had an idea.

She called all the children into the living room and sat them down.

“I have brought you gifts today!” she said. The children were ever so excited!

“Each of you gets a beautiful colour pen”. It was sparkly, long and thick and made the most beautiful strokes.

“Ada, this is your red pen. It belongs to you now! It is YOURS!”

Ada flapped her wings with excitement”.

Aba got Orange, Dina Yellow, Duna Green, Fin Blue, Flip Indigo and Violet got, like her name, Violet!

(Optional part).

………..“Now go children. And draw”

The kids sat down and started to paint. Ada painted an apple. It was not easy to make it look like one, as she had not green for the leaves.

Aba drew an orange. It just looked like a big orange ball. Dina drew the sun. She wanted to make it smile, but as she only had her yellow colour, she could not make any eyes, nose and mouth. Duna drew some grass, Fin the ocean and Flip the sky. Violet just sat there and could not think of anything purple to draw….

After some time, the Fairy mother returned and looked at the paintings. “Well, they look pretty!” She said. But the kids did not seem so joyful and excited anymore. “What’s wrong?” the Fairy mother asked. “Oh, nothing, mother! The pens are great, but, hmm…”….

“Well” said the Fairy mother”. “Go and draw a rainbow now!” She shut the door behind her and waited outside. The children looked puzzled. “I cannot draw a rainbow with just a blue pen” said Fin. “Me neither!” replied each of the other Fairy children. “If we all share, we can all draw a beautiful rainbow each! “Suggested Violet. “Or even better, we can draw one big rainbow together” shouted Duna! “Like this, we all give a little, but get so much more!” They all laughed with relief and started their work.

Half an hour later their mother returned and found, that the children had not only drawn the most beautiful rainbow ever, but that they had sat down after and played Zoo. Yes, with all the animals toys together 🙂 .

The author of the picture is unknown

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