Christmas-tree Balls. Photo Work-shop

Last Sunday my daughter (7 months old) and I went, as usual, to the Children’s Sahaja program  (we started attending them when Sonya was about 5 months old). The meditation part was followed by an art part. One of the mum’s was conducting a workshop for the mums of the children – we were making Christmas-tree balls for each other as presents (to be more exact, we took single-colour balls and decorated them).

Christmas-tree balls

At modern shops, you can find gel-pencils (in the same department where pencils and felt-tip pens are sold). We used them to draw pictures on the balls.

Christmas-tree balls

Glue and spangles were also of great popularity among kids and their mums. The technique is not complicated but the main thing – imagination! The result is nice, isn’t it?

Christmas-tree balls

Christmas-tree balls

Christmas-tree balls

Christmas-tree balls

If any of you decided to decorate or have decorated a Christmas-tree ball, please, send us the pics! First, you can just write as a comment to this post: “I have also decorated a Christmas-tree ball” 🙂 .

Christmas-tree balls

Things made with one’s own hands are always so great, full of love and vibrations.

Christmas-tree balls
Much love,



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