Not to look different…

I have been trying to find a way to take Sahaja Yoga into my 7 year old son’s school for quite a while. So, it was a miracle when his Religious Education/Music teacher, Mrs Gow, asked him to do a presentation on Sahaja Yoga to the whole class.

On Wednesday, last week, he took in a framed photo of Shri Mataji, candle, incense, leaflets and the CD Heavenly Riverby the Kiev (Ukraine) Collective.

He set the photo and the candle and asked the class to put out their hands and listen to the music. The first part of the first track of “Heavenly River” is beautiful. It starts with the sound of the river bubbling along, (in Cabella?) then some santoor, which then fades into the river again. It lasts about 3 1/2 minutes. Perfect for the children.

After this he asked who had felt any cool breeze coming out of the top of their heads. 14 felt cool blasting and 2 felt heat. Oliver got those who felt cool to help raise the kundilini of the 2 that didn’t. The children then asked him lots of questions like; Who is Shri Mataji? Where does She live? What are the vibrations? Can you play the music again?!! He did, three times.

He explained that the kundalini is a cool breeze snake and is natural.

This was the last lesson of the day and as I waited in the school playground I felt the vibrations of the school had changed and felt much softer. His main tutor, Mr Lowe, came over to me and said that Oliver had done a presentation in RE/Music and he had missed it, so would Oliver please do it again, tomorrow, to the whole class so he could see what it was all about! So Oliver did. Mr Lowe felt the cool strongly. He has always had a strange agnya problem with wonkey eyes. Now, however, his eyes are clear and settled!

This was Oliver’s leaving present to his class. He starts a new school next week.

Oliver had been going through a phase of not wanting to be a Sahaja Yogi as none of the children at his school are. He was feeling ‘different’ and just wanted to feel the same as everyone else. This experience has really boosted his self belief. He was so confident in his presentation and really enjoyed doing it.

Jai Shri Mataji


2 thoughts on “Not to look different…

  1. Nick Kerswell

    Absolutely amazing… what can be achieved with a little innocence… and surrender to the Paramchaitanya. An example to us all… With utmost respect and very best wishes…. Nick

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