The Oakee Doakee series

storytelling from the heart, for the heart


Oakee Doakee is unique, in that it introduces to Western children (and reintroduces to Eastern children)
Indian mythology. Feedback from readers shows that the stories are spiritually uplifting, even for
adults. Although they were originally written for my adventurous son when he was a preschooler,
children of all ages have enjoyed them, including girls. The mother of a nine-year-old boy told me that
her son is even looking up the words he doesn’t know, because he likes the stories so much and doesn’t
want to miss anything! I may not consider this to be another Little Prince, but readers have already
become endeared to Oakee Doakee, and it is, after all, the heart of the reader that determines the value
of a work.

Publisher’s Book Description (annotation):
An innocent, fascinating adventure for children of all ages. Oakee Doakee and the Hate Wave is the first in a
series of inspiring children’s stories that take us on mystical adventures into magical realms where virtue and goodness eventually triumph over the dangers and pitfalls that confront our young hero. Loosely based upon Indian mythology, the characters and personalities tackle many of the real-life situations facing young people today – not least amongst which is our need to confront human selfishness and greed; maintain the best of our childhood innocence; and inspire others with good example. Beautifully illustrated, the author takes the young reader on journeys into the imagination, where rainbows can be traversed, elixirs provide inspiration and strength, and mischievous mice and friendly elephants are our travelling companions. Mother Earth features prominently too – as well as our responsibility to care for her, as she cares for us. This is a well-thought-out and beautifully designed children’s book that will bring equal joy to the adult reader.

From the rear cover:
“It’s not the destiny of every child to help save the world, but Continue reading “The Oakee Doakee series”