Eggs for Easter

On Sunday, besides the meditation part, at the Children’s Sahaja program there traditionally was an art part, too. Aunt Olga has so many creative ideas that we can only admire the beauty which appears and… study. This time the kids (and adults as well) were involved in creating eggs. I am sharing the idea and experience with you.

What you will need:

– an egg – you should take its content through a little hole at its top beforehand, otherwise it can explode in some time in your favourite cupboard or somewhere if you do not want to part with it.

– plasticine;

– beads of different kinds;

– enamel with spangles.

From plasticine something like sticks are made which then are formed into “baskets” and/or plaits. These things are stuck to the eggs then. This is a kind of foundation which is decorated with patterns made from beads. The parts of the plasticine which turn to be without any decoration are covered with the enamel (to defend it from dust and to guarantee its safety).

What should attention be paid to: if you use plasticine of several colors, the latter should be in harmony with each other (for the final art work to look elegant).

As experience has proved, such eggs can be made by children starting from 3, 5 years old.


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