Cross-stitch: works and schemes

I remember that first I tried cross-stitching when I was a child of 5. It was my granny who started teaching me. I can’t say that I was a great success at that time but I remember with her help I could complete one work – a rabbit. Then cross-stitching was put aside. But…

20+ years have passed. And several months ago, looking at the walls of our room, I thought that some beautiful things should be added to them. To paint a picture – takes much time. Photos? We have some already. Why not cross-stitch something? It was a brave idea as I haven’t done it for decades. But I remembered that once I managed to do it (in my childhood) and it gave me confidence to try again. And I did it: three of the works are now hanging on our walls and four works served presents for other people (it is such a pleasure to present somebody with something you have made yourself).

My husband and I are sure that it is important to teach/show kids as many kinds of art as you can as when they grow up they will decide for themselves what art skills they would like to develop. If you’d like to have a try with cross-stitching, please find below some works and the shemes for them.














2 thoughts on “Cross-stitch: works and schemes

  1. they are so cute. my sis is very good at that. i never tried but i should sometime! 🙂 i think girls and also boys would love to learn that

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