Conducting a Sahaja Yoga Class by an 11-year old

About 3 months ago my wife Leela was asked by one of the teachers, at our kid’s school if she would like to offer a meditation class for any interested kids, after school. You see my kids go to a public school call “open class room.” In this school it is required for a parent to help every week in the class room. So many parents with special knowledge’s like science etc. will help teach a subject. Or parents just help out the teacher with grading, or arranging assignments etc.

Anyway after school they offer different activities, and Priya’s teacher had noticed that she was somehow more balanced than the other kids. So this brought about her asking Leela to conduct a meditation class.

The fist class was in November and the turn out was great – 16 kids and they all loved it. So much so that when the following week came the kids were asking Priya, our daughter, questions about what they would be doing that day and saying how much they enjoyed it.

Then came the second class and Leela again had 16 kids come. Some of them were really benefiting from the experience, and they loved it. Also some of the parents commented on how much calmer their kids were after the class.

Then came Christmas break and so everyone was off. Last week the teacher asked Leela if she wanted to continue with the class. There had been a little bit of a conflict of after school activities because one of the other fathers decided to have a chess club on the same day. So Leela was not sure if the kids would want to go to meditation or to the chess club. But the teacher informed her that she had already received 12 inquires for meditation. So Leela agreed.

Everything was great, and to this point now one can be happier that such an event is happening in LA. After all how great it is that we can possibly save these young children from the strife of our world, and the fact that they want such a subtle experience is a wonder.

So this morning Leela was sick, and as we sat around the breakfast table we were discussing how we needed to call all the parents of the children, that would be coming today for meditation, and let them know that it would be canceled. They would need to know so that they could pick up their kids right after school instead of an hour later when the meditation class would have been over.

Suddenly I found myself saying, “why cancel the class Priya can do it.” And Priya our 11 year old daughter quickly replied that she would. So all was settled there was nothing to worry about.

On the way to school Priya confessed to me that she was starting to get nervous about leading the class by herself.
Anyway to bring this story to a close Priya conducted her first Sahaja Yoga program today to 13 Kids and it went very well. One girl told Priya that she was amazed that she had felt something like a very gentle cool hand going up her back and then she felt the cool wind coming from the top of her head. Priya told me that she never touched this girl and was happy that all the kids liked it so much.

A yogi from the USA

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