Programs for kids in Rome

With some Sahaja Yoginis  I started a new program for children (from three to five years old) in a public school and what we do for the moment is some play with the music and songs. We start with natural sounds (water, wind, birds) and after we suggest to the children to relax closing their eyes and trying to feel like a tree inside the wood. We make them listen to the wind (that is Shri Mataji blowing, taken from a CD) and after the tree grows (they stand up and we do some breathing and movements with music).

They enjoy this very much. At the end we raise the kundalini with a little song (that speaks about a butterfly that flies high on the top of the head).


One thought on “Programs for kids in Rome

  1. Elena

    Dear Fiorella !
    There is an article in SY news about Lakshmi conference in Cabella .We are very intrested to found in internet a document with references from school direktors and teachers, where have you provided programs for children. Is it possible to download a video with teaching children to meditate (Time to meet a God).
    We would like to do a small program with giving realization in kindergarten ,where our son is going. We have no expirienses , so could you share it with us ?
    Thank you very much !
    JSM !

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