Treatments for a cold (cough and a running nose)


I wanted to ask our knowledge base about how to treat cold & congestion for a 7 month old. My son got bad cough & cold in our India trip and it is still persisting. I have not taken him to the doctor as yet, as he is not feverish, so didn’t want him to have antibiotics, if could be avoided. He is not able to breathe though his nose, as it’s completely blocked.



Have you tried ajwain burning? I have found that the smoke can help unblock the most stubborn noses. Of course it may be too strong for the child directly to inhale, but you can just burn it in the room he is in. Also you probably are already using them, but saline nose drops regularly given are good, and the slight elevation of the head of the crib (under the mattress, a few inches of pillow) helps the breathing, once a bit unblocked.

Love, Michelle


My son suffered a lot from colds and coughs (croup) last year. He has again developed it yesterday night all of a sudden.

I use Olbas decongestant oil on his bedding and also let him inhale its vapours by putting a few drops in hot water next to his cot (that unblocks him pretty quickly). As he likes having his milk, I grate some ginger in his milk and boil it and when cooled, put some honey in it. Also, warm water boiled with some ginger and honey to drink helps.

Another Indian thing that my mother taught me while she was here and it seemed to work, is to heat some mustard oil and put one unpeeled garlic clove, some fenugreek seeds and ajwain into it. Let it cool and reserve in a bottle. You can massage this oil onto the baby’s palms and soles and on the chest and the back. It’s better to warm it slightly…nowadays, 2 minutes on the radiator should do it.

Love, Yogita

From the experience of my friend, I know that burning of the garlic clove helps greatly to unblock the child’s nose – to be more exact, not the clove itself but the stick which goes from it and once was the stem. You just burn it in the room before the child goes to bed (when he is inside the room already) and the stem smoulders. My friend used it for her 2-year old daughter.

If it is mere cough and a running nose (not bronchitis), then the following methods can be really useful:

– Mix a halfspoon of honey and a halfspoon of butter and give it to your child in little amount. You can also give as much as he wants but be sure he has no allergy for honey. This mixture envelops the throat very well.

– Put three little denticles of garlic into a glass and pour boiling milk into it. This mixture also helps (when it becomes cool enough for the child to be able to drink it 🙂 ).

– For the running nose and earache the following thing helps: put one drop of garlic oil (it can be bought in a chemist’s shop) in each ear and nostril of the child. If there is no garlic oil in your chemist’s, then the recipe how to make it yourself can be found in the Internet.

– There is such a medicine (which is natural!) as interferon which fights the virus. This element is produced by our organism and we only add some more amount of it when we are ill when partaking it (can be bought in chemist’s shops).

– It is very useful to massage the child’s feet and chest with garlic or camphor oil – has a warming effect.

– Cranberry is very very helpful. The juice made of it (homemade) takes inflammation away. American scientists have recently found out that its effect is much stronger than the effect of some antibiotics.

– Tea made of dog-rose has vitamin C and makes our organism stronger.

Much love and warm wishes,



I’d like to add to the cold list that with small kids the homeopathic medicine works like a miracle. With my son’s (21m) last cold I took him to see a well known peditrician homeopath and with the help of the remedies his bad virus was totally gone in 3 days!!

What is very important in preventing the colds in the winter time is proper dressing. Head and ears fully covered when outside and in cold climates windproof clothes, scarf, mittens. During Elias’s 1st year he wore very light cotton baby hat every day even inside (also as he was a premature and tiny baby) and I felt it was partly because of that he only got a very small
cold once.

Lots of love, Saila


2 thoughts on “Treatments for a cold (cough and a running nose)

  1. dimple

    hi i just deliver a baby girl she is 2 months and i was wondering if i can put a oil in her head or no.and if yes i have to leave or wah it after few hr or minutes.

  2. I started putting olive oil onto the head of our baby since her second week. The oil was quickly absorbed by the skin, So, I left it because I did not wash her head very often (she did not like washing her head 🙂 ). But normally you should put the ooil, wait for some time and then wash the head. By the way, like I was doing when our daughter had been just born I am still doing now when she is 16 mo old. I put olive oil on her sahasrara every evening but wash her head only once a week (would wash it more often if she liked that activity)…

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