Meditations for a 1-year old child


What is your advice or experience in integrating a one year old in morning meditation???

Do you meditate separately and then with the child do a small meditation?.. Because before our son was walking, he would sit quite some time and we would sing… But now he just wants to walk around… and also for songs he has no “time” since it is so much more interesting to explore all the surroundings, emptying the dustbins while I am not looking etc…. also now he sleeps longer in the morning approx. until seven and until that time me and my husband have already meditated because he needs to go to work…


When our son started walking at about 14m of age, there has been challenging moments in making him sit down in meditation. But the truth is that these little ones are in meditation – unlike us most of the time. So, it’s just to teach the habit of sitting down to calm down.

So, what we do is that we surely have to do meditation on our own when he is asleep, and when he wakes up we do a child-friendly meditation. We involve a lot of kids’ sahaj songs, clapping hands, playing little shakers etc. For some time the meditation moment also involves 100% quiet time, depending on kids’ age and level of tiredness 😉 usually every evening he takes a footsoak and it has became an important thing to do, and I do notice it is much easier to put him to sleep after that. Watching Shri Mataji’s speech is very nice too, the little one goes silent straight away.

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In the morning, I would make sure to get a good meditation myself first, and then take the baby and meditate with him/her. So then my own vibrations would already be good, and it would be easier to meditate with the child.




We try to do morning meditation before our 2-year old son is awake, but evening meditation we do with him playing around us.

Footsoak is very important thing to do, since the time he started standing we have been making him stand in footsoak and later sit… During footsoak we had to let him play with some water, so that he doesn’t play with footsoak water.

He rarely sits and watches through Shri Mataji’s lectures, but he many a times watched ‘Supreme Source of Love” throughout and he mainly loved the section on children. When he was younger, many a times during footsoak we played animation of Ramayana or some other animated movie with good vibrations.

With Nirmal Love



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