Introducing India and the Breeze of love to kids

In November, a sister who has studied Indian dances for 10 years came to our city. While her staying here, we organized 2 public progs with Indian classic music and dances and one prog for 3-4 year olds in a kindergarten. Concerning the prog for kids, at the beginning one sister told a story to the little ones that “they were going to India” showing them a map of the world (then the description of the animals and people of this country followed) trying to speak not in a monologue but to organize a dialog asking the kids some questions. One of the questions was: “By what means do you think we will go there?” The kids offered many ideas but none was right. The right one was: on a magic breeze of love. “Do you feel this breeze on your palms? Let us raise our hands and catch the breeze. One-two-three. Here we are – in India”. At this point the music started and the other sister appeared in her Indian costume. She performed a short greeting dance.

Then saying that in India dances are devoted to Deities, the first sister told the kids about Shri Ganesha showing them a big poster with His image. “Shri Ganesha likes when children are obedient and honest. He Himself always listens to His mum”. The legend (its abridges version) about the creation of Shri Ganesha followed. The idea was emphasized that Shri Ganesha worships His Mother and He is very strong. He also defends children if they behave nicely. But is they are mischievous, he plays tricks on them. A dance devoted to Shri Ganesha followed.

Then the sister who danced told the children some words about Indian dances in general and invited the children to have a short dance break (as it is difficult for the little ones to sit for a long time). Another dance performed by the sister followed next as “we all know that people dance when they are happy”.

At the end, they the adults and children caught the breeze of love again and went to the kindergarten “as they had to come back in time for lunch”: “Let us put our hands on our hearts as the breeze has appeared from our love. Let us remember how we love our mother. Our love is turning into the breeze and one-two-three… we are in the kindergarten again”.


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