Introducing the chakras to children

Together with the children we were going up the chakras following the scheme of the subtle body designed for children.


We studied the number of petals, learnt the colors of the chakras and then there was a quize: guess what the chakra is by the color and the number of its petals. After it, each child coloured the center (=a flower cut out of white paper prepared in advance) he/she liked most of all. At the same time one of the adults drew a silhouette of a boy and the children glued the coloured flowers into it. Finally we got a very cheerful boy with the centers of different colours.

Before the kids started to colour the chakras, the yogini leading the program made a very nice analogy between our subtle body and a rainbow. “The sun light which makes everything around bright seems transparent to us but when it gets onto a drop of water it starts to play with all the colours of a rainbow. We also have such a sun inside and it also creates different colors”. The sister painted lines of colours on a sheet of paper using water colours (making the edges of each of them flow into the next color): red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple. The flower of Muladhara is red, Swadisthan – between orange and yellow, Nabhi – green, Anahata – between green and light blue, Vishuddhi – blue and the white part of the paper – for Aghia. Sahara is combining all the colors.

After it, a sort meditation followed. And then, when we all were going up our own chakras, the adults were singing the music notes: sa, re, ga, ma, pa, da, ni, sa. Vibrations obviously became stronger.


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