The Three Wishes

An old English Fairy Tale

One winter evening a poor peasant was sitting near the fire talking with his wife about one of their neighbours who was a rich man.

“If only I had a little money myself,” he said, “I should open my own shop”.

“I,” answered his wife, “should not be satisfied with that, I should be happy if I lived in a big house, and then, if I saw people like ourselves, I should help them and try to make everybody happy. But what is the use of talking, we are no longer I the time of fairies. If only I could meet one of them, it would not take me long to decide what to ask of her.”

Hardly has she said these words when a beautiful young lade appeared in their room and told them she was a fairy willing to grant them the first three wishes. But she said they should choose with care as she could allow them no more than three wishes. Then the beautiful fairy disappeared.

At first the husband and wife were astonished. Then they began discussing the first wish that it would be best to have. They quarreled for a long time and finally decided to wish nothing for a while and put it off till the next day.

The woman looked at the bright fire and said without thinking:

“Oh! It would not be a bad thing to have good sausage for our supper.”

She had hardly finished these words when a long thick sausage fell on their table. The husband got very angry and began scolding his wife.

“Isn’t that a fine wish?! A sausage! You are such a stupid woman! I wish this sausage would stick to your nose!”

This was hardly said when the sausage jumped up and stuck to the poor woman’s nose.

“What have you done?!” cried the frightened woman.

The husband understood that he himself had been even more foolish than his wife, but no matter how he tried he could not tear the sausage off his wife’s nose.

“It is you fault”, said the husband.

“It is yours,” replied the wife.

And they continued quarrelling.

“If you had not wished to have this beastly sausage, I should not have wished it to stick to your nose”, said the husband.

Finally they understood that they had only one wish left. What could they wish? They thought for a long time в at last agreed to have their last wish. They wished the sausage to fall on the table, which it did.

The only good thing these poor people got from the fairy was the sausage, which they ate at supper with good appetite.

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