Massaging the baby’s head with oil


I myself oil the boys or put cream every night, but to be honest I always hesitate when it comes to oil on the head. I know it is good but in the UK it is so cold all the time and as myself, if I leave it over night, I can be sure I have a runny nose the next day. I have seen it with the kids too. Once I put oil, next morning they have a cold. I guess it is good in summer or maybe I should just leave it for an hour or so?!?



1. I guess you are putting some cold oil. Don’t put amla or any cool oils. I guess coconut oil is best for hair massage. You can heat it a little bit…. And for body massage, olive oil has been recommended by Shri Mataji.


2. In India it is said that if you want your child to prevent from catching cold in winters then put some warm mustard oil in his fontanel bone area, nostrils and navel.

3. I have used homemade butter or olive oil to massage the children’s body. For their head massage I use coconut oil in the summers and almond oil in the winters as coconut oil tends to freeze on their heads in the cold weather.


4. For sahasrara you can use just one drop of oil to avoid the cold. And to prevent running nose, use ghee.


5. From Shri Mataji’s talk:

“…The other day I also said that I don’t know why you people don’t put any oil whatsoever. Why not put oil in the head, poor head needs the oil always, at least on a Saturday, put so much oil, rub it nicely and have a bath. But people just don’t put any oil in their head. I mean you must oil, gear up your brain, don’t you think so? If you don’t put oil in any machine, it will crack. For this brain which is your special machine after Sahaja Yoga is really a very special one, you must try to put lot of oil in it.

Put some oil in the ears, put some oil in the nose. Now the modern theory of the doctors is don’t put any oil or anything into the ears and the noses of the children. Rajesh’s brother had a child and they went to of course to a latest Doctor from America. And the child was crying, weeping, feeling so horrible and his Brahmarandra, what you call, the fontanel bone area was not filled at all, it was all open. I said, “What’s the matter with you people?”

They said the doctor has said, “Don’t touch the oil.” I said, “What?” They said, “He’ll have allergy”.

I said, “Nothing of the kind, you bring the oil.” I got one full katori [Bowl] of oil, rubbed it on his head, pushed back that thing and I put it in nose, in ears, the child slept like a log of wood. Imagine how much the child must have suffered? These stupid ideas come from where? I don’t know, they don’t have any oil these days, so what is their idea is to do, some business must be behind it, I don’t know what is going on. I don’t know what they are going to run by not giving any oil to the children…”

“One thing you must insist on is the massaging of the body, that’s important until about five years of age. Every day child must be properly massaged. The body must be massaged, then they become quiet. Secondly I find that this portion of the head of children, if it is not covered properly with oil, then they get into troubles. What you have to do is put some oil on this part of the fontanelle bone area, quite a lot on the sides every day, and push it there like that and if you want, you can wash the hair. If you don’t want you need not wash, but it can be washed also with shampoo or something which is not so…something very soft. Like get some baby shampoo or something, but the best thing would be to put the oil, that’s important; oiling is best done in the area and if you oil them properly you will be surprised they will be very quiet children and they won’t trouble you. You have seen Indian children? They are sitting in the program, they’re listening to Me. I don’t know what they understand, but they feel the vibrations I think. So it is important that you must massage their bodies.”

“Now, we find some children are rather skinny type, their muscles are not developed. And for developing better muscles, nothing like massage with, say, olive oil or something, give a good massage, plus this idoxelene. Massage is important, with olive oil. The body should be massaged with olive oil but the best massage is with ghee or butter. Not on the head. On the head should be done with, say, any oil. Best is of course they say so, that best is coconut oil because, only on the head. But on the body should be of ghee or butter, is the best massage for children because it has vitamin A and vitamin D in the butter. Butter is the best thing for the body you see, nicely rub it in the body is very good and the skin becomes very nice. (Q: So also common butter or must be ghee?) Better is butter. Yes, better is butter. But it has smell you see, that’s why, but you can mix some saffron in it or something to smell it better because butter has its own thing. They use butter: it’s very good for the children.”

6. Quotations from the Childrenbook (advice by Shri Mataji) about oil massaging and putting babies to sleep.

Shri Mataji: They had water, so that’s good. Now what else you wanted to know?

Yogini: The baby waking at night, Mother. What do we do to get them out of waking up at night time?

Shri Mataji: Because they wet in the night, that’s why they get up, isn’t it? Or for no rhyme and reason?

Yogini: Yes, no rhyme and reason.

Shri Mataji: Alright, so what you have to do is to massage their body with oil and massage their head with oil, put lot of oil in their heads, you see. And then put some powder and clean it up. Give them a massage in the night, they will sleep very well. They won’t get up. In the night you should give them a massage in case they are restless, in the night or something like that before sleeping. You give them their last meal, say about what time you give them last? 8 o’clock or 6 o’clock?

Yogini : Well it depends on their age. The two older children have their dinner at about 6 o’clock. The baby, he goes to bed at about, his last meal at 7:30 or 8 o’clock.

Shri Mataji: Alright, so what you do, at 6 o’clock you give him one feed, lright? And 9 o’clock another one. You can give like that, one, one more in the night so they won’t be hungry. But in between you can do the massage of the body, say about 7 o’clock, you can do the massage. Alright? So 7:30 then he goes to bed, 9 o’clock in his sleep he must have. In his sleep. And then in the morning he’ll get up about 5, that’s all. It’s very simple, at 5 or 6. But I think you people don’t massage the body so much of the child. You have to massage it twice in the beginning, twice. One in the night, one in the day time. Alright, now what else?”


4 thoughts on “Massaging the baby’s head with oil

  1. Sarah

    My child who is 2 years old is a special child .He cannot walk .Kindly email me if you would recommend some special oil for his massage which can make him walk .

  2. melba

    I have heard that olive oil is good for baby massage no doubt, but it seems the skins turns dark with olive oil, is it true.

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