Massaging the baby


We all know that each child should be massaged at least once a day! But sometimes I only get a chance to give my child one oil rub/massage a day instead of two. Is that okay?


1. There are days when I am too tired to give 2 massages. happens! we just try do the best we can.


2. I found the first month of life with the baby the most difficult, as everything was so very new and I used to panic a lot, wondering if what was happening was normal or not. So massage wasn’t regular (I don’t remember massaging him more than once ever and skipped the days he or I didn’t feel too well).


3. I used to give my both children oil massage only once a day, before bath. I was more regular in doing it with my elder daughter. When the son came I was more busy as they were two now. So I must have massaged her till 3 years old, but with him, I stopped after he became 1-1 and a half. This is the disadvantage of being second child!!!



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