Holding the baby – for how much time?


In the book “Sahaja Yoga and Children”, Shri Mataji says that it’s best not to hold new babies too much, no more than an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. If I am holding my child more than a couple of hours a day, is it too much?


1. Everyday and every baby is different; there are days when your baby needs more cuddling etc.


2. I think we should not be so mathematics oriented! My humble opinion is that Shri Mataji might have meant that we should not hold the baby too much and for no reason! Basically the baby should be picked up for feeding and changing/bathing him ..and some cuddling of course, but not too much! Babies are very smart! Even sahaja yogi babies, or rather especially them! Every time a baby cries we should not take him immediately in the lap. Even other persons in the family should be restrained in doing so. Otherwise they will be permanently hanging to us till 5 years old. I have seen many families like that! They are so much troubled by their chldren! The mother cannot do any other work, jus because the child is clinging to her. Also feeding should be at certain intervals. Don’t feed him whenever he cries! There are many reasons for which a baby cries! Not only hunger. With my daughter I kept a strict feeding program, by keeping a gap of two hours between feeds and NO night feeding!! This not only gave me a good night sleep, but regulated her sleep. Upto 3 months she learnt to sleep in the nght and be awake in the daytime (immediately after birth they do not have this sense and tend to sleep in the daytime and be awake in the night) and also I don’t know how, but made her stop bed wetting from 3 months only! With my son was more complicated, because so many people were around and they were lifting him whenever he was crying. So his feeding schedule was very weird and he was bedwetting till late (maybe 5 years).



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