Disposable nappies


In the book “Sahaja Yoga and Children” where Shri Mataji says not to use disposable nappies. I have been wearing Pampers New Baby and feel very comfortable, with cool vibes and no rash. Is this okay do you think?


1. well, i guess that like with all things it’s individual!! Shri Mataji gives us guidelines to follow and we use them with using our hearts and heads.
i was at my time all ready to use washable nappies but after half a day at home with my first kid i sent my husband to buy some pampers!!! i simply couldn’t manage. of course natural fibres are better 4 vibes.


2. My son is going to be 17 months soon and he is still in his cloth nappies. I bought more than 2 dozen fitted cloth nappies before he was born, but I was too tired to use them till he was about 20 days old. 😉

But in the nights, day outs and nappy rash days, we do stick to disposables even now…we use Eco ‘Nature baby’ brand of nappies for him. They are apparently made of 75% corn husk. So better for the environment as well. I wonder if its the nappies or some potty training by my parents, but he has been telling us about poo-poo most of the times during the day, pointing to his nappy. Its just that we don’t react quickly enough many a times, so he ends up soiling it!


3. I use disposables AND all-in-one cloth diapers.. both!!! when
I am tired or we are going out I put disposables on my child and in home I use cloth diapers. Also at nights I put disposables on the child. It’s more

Since I visited my mom in Calcutta during pregnancy, and also my mother-in-law was always with us, I got an ample supply of old cotton saris. And I washed them with water and mild soap and vibrated salt. The cotton saris turn very soft when they get old. We cut big squares and folded them into medium triangles and stitched them. They got converted into perfect cotton diapers. We made almost 30 of them or more ( I don’t remember exactly). On the bed, we used an oilcloth at the bottom and spread out on top two / three layers of cotton cloth (cut into medium to big squares). We kept changing both the sari-diapers and these spreads every time they get solied. At the end of the day, we used to wash them in washer with hot water, little dettol (available in Indian stores), and mild soap and dry them in clothesline. This way, initilally we had to work a little hard for making and stitching the diapers and bedspreads, but later we got relaxed and the babies enjoyed light, air and good vibrations all the time.


4. We used to use cloth nappies, the ones made out of old cotton cloth, as Shri Mataji advised, for daily routine. Only while going out I used to put Huggies or Pampers.They are better for skin, but even like that they were getting rashes from time to time. In the night I used the cloth ones still./ We put a plastic sheet below the bedsheet to save the matress. With my elder daughter I had no problem after 3 months in the night. She never used to pee while asleep. If, by chance it was cold and she was feeling like doing something she used to wake up and cry to announce us. Even while daytime sleep she was not wetting her bed. The younger one was more problematic, but we had to bear him.



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