Games for Sahaja Meditation

Here are some ideas/suggestions about children. (Some of this has been tried and done with children, some are new ideas or suggestions.)

– We can make up a game with the mind being like a naughty monkey jumping from place to place, and that we want the monkey to be good and to sit still, and bring him to being quiet above Sahasrara.

– We can sing lively bhajans, they enjoy very much, short bhajans like Ganesha Ganesha, Jay Hanumana, Kundalini Kundalini.

– Another thing my daughter likes (age 8 now) is to be told stories of deities, and question and answer sessions where one elder first tells (or reads) a story of a deity, and then asks questions out of that story, and a few children//grown ups/sahaja yogis try to answer. It is fun that few people compete with each other to try to remember which chakra is on which finger, etc. A small competition as such can be a fun game, and they get to learn as a result. But you should try to
make sure that they win at least as much as the elders win.(.!..)

– They can have a black and white chakra chart and colour each chakra.

– The bandhan can be resembled to a rainbow, and while taking bandhan they can imagine that they are drawing the rainbow.

– If you actually ask how they feel during the meditation you will notice that they are much more aware of meditation than we grown-ups are.

– Meditating with children throws more light on our state, as they are purer, they feel vibrations more clearcut, and if we grown-ups have a problem in our subtle system they may directly feel it. It is a nice experience.

Good luck and best wishes,



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