The Vain Crow

A crow who thought that she was very beautiful – though really she looked just like any other crow – sat on a branch of a tree. She had a piece of cheese in her beak which she had stolen from a farmer’s house.

At the foot of the tree there sat a fox who saw the piece of cheese in the crow’s beak and he wanted to get it.

The fox stood up and cried to the crow:

“I am very glad to see you, my friend. You look very beautiful today”.

The crow sat quietly and did not say anything, though she was very pleased.

“You are so beautiful that I think you must be our queen. Can you talk? I am sure that your voice is very beautiful, too”.

The crown did not say anything again because she had the cheese in her beak.

The fox was silent for a moment. Then he said:

Oh, I see. You can’t talk. And of course we can’t make you our queen, if you can’t talk”.

Now the vain crow wanted to show that she could talk, and she opened her beak. The piece of cheese fell down on the ground. The sly fox rushed to it and began to eat it. The silly crow looked sadly at him from the tree. And the fox laughed.

“My dear friend”, he said, “now I see that you have a voice but, it’s a pity, you haven’t got something more important…”

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