Who is the Doer?

Jesus Once Jesus was traveling on a donkey. Along his way there were many people who felicitated him. The donkey also got his share of felicitation as there was a garland of flowers hanging on his neck. And that made him think that it was actually he who was praised so much. As the donkey’s ego bloated so much, he considered himself a very important figure.

Jesus stopped on his way and was resting while the donkey thought he was now indispensable as it was he was doing the main part of work. After his rest, Jesus took another waiting donkey and left that place…

So, the moral of the story is that it is God Who chooses His instruments for the work to be fulfilled. And the humbler we are, the purer we are, the more developed we are, the more Divine work can be done through us.


One thought on “Who is the Doer?

  1. Very cute a lesson for all of us seekers as we must not feel we are indispensible and reached ceratin great heights while pursuing any Sahaja works or giving self Realization. that is God’s work and She can can depute any instrument of Her at any time to pursue or schdule and reschdule Her divine works on Earth . That is the ‘judgement’ tool within us . The meter is on the choice lies within us to enact from within.So it is better to keep a watch on our own ego and say, “Hey Mr. Ego I have recognised you and dare not bother me. I have my Mother’s compassion with me and let me be myself.”

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