Two Frogs

a pic of a frog 

Photo by Anastasia

One hot summer there was no rain for a long time, and the lakes and the wells dried up almost everywhere. The frogs were very unhappy as they could not live without water. So, they went to different places to look for water.

Two frogs who were good friends decided to travel together till they found water. They went down a hill and up another hill again. Then they crossed a road and there, near a village, they saw a well. They looked in and saw that it was very deep. They sat at its edge and did not know what to do. They were afraid to jump down into the well.

One of the frogs said to her friend,

“Let is jump down now. The water is fresh and cold there, and we are so thirsty. I cannot wait any longer.”

“Oh,” said the other frog who was clever and careful, “I am as thirsty as you are, and it may be very good to drink fresh water as much as you like. But I am afraid that water in this well will dry up too. What shall we do then? How shall we get out of this deep well? No, I think we must not risk our lives now. Let us look for some stream or river.”


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