During Pregnancy

I am Ivana – a mother of two – seven and half years old daughter Oeishi, and three and half years old son Sanmitra.

Babies and children, as we know, are extremely sensitive to slightest and subtlest change in vibrations. I was advised in my pregnancy to do frequent footsoaking to keep the lower chakras as clean as possible. The more you keep your vibrations clear and stay in balance, the better it is for the baby.


I have a 7 yr old daughter and a very new 6 week old baby. I could say with absolute surety that lots of footsoaking (sometimes even 2-3 times) would help in getting the chakras in order. Also watch Shri Mataji’s tapes and CDs as that also establishes a good state and, lastly, try to be with nature as much as you can – like sitting on Mother Earth, walking bare foot, etc…



3 thoughts on “During Pregnancy

  1. Sharmila

    I am pregnant for the first time and I am footsoaking and walking in nature. But what i would like to know is if you can do the matka treatment while pregnant?

  2. Dear Sharmila,
    As far as I heard from yogis and read in the talks by Shri Mataji about children, the only thing we should not do when pregnant is to use ajwan in any way (in food, tea or for Muladhara treatment) as it is too hot. Camphor treatment (in stead of self-candling) is also hot and is better to be avoided.

  3. Auriol Purdie

    I have been told that many years ago Shri Mataji mentioned that it was better not to use ice on the liver during pregnancy and also for ladies who have had miscarriages in the past to be careful not to sit on the ground too much as the Ganesha tatwa may have a ‘pulling’ effect on the foetus. Shri Mataji has also said in the past that it is best for a pregnant lady not to work on people while she is pregnant. Work on your Swadisthan chakra alot and this will help you with your labour. The yogini who told me these things heard them directly from Shri Mataji.

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