Children’s Activities: finger puppets

You will need:

• coloured crayons, markers, felt tip pens, etc
• pencils & erasers
• white paper/card
• washing up gloves (small)
• sticky tape & putty
• pictures of deities to be cut out or photos of yogis faces (optional)

Step one

Tell your child you are going to make some finger puppets, either of animals, or of deities*, or of friends, etc…

Step two

Children carefully cut off the finger from a small washing up glove. This will be the basis of the finger puppet.

Step three</

1) Younger children can place the finger flat on the table and using a permanent pen (with care and supervision!) draw a face on the top of the finger tip. Alternatively, they can stick ready cut pictures of animals/deities onto the finger puppets, or the faces of friends they know (from the photos).

2) Older children can draw faces and/or bodies free hand onto thin white card, to be cut out and stuck onto the finger puppet base, using regular sticky tape.

Step four

If children make more than one finger puppet, they can make up/act out a little story using their puppets.

by Madhavi

* Deities – means personification of different qualities of God Almighty. For example, Shri Ganesha – innocence, Shri Laxmi – generosity, Jesus Christ – forgiveness, etc


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