Enchanting Princess

There was a Princess with an enchanting face and long dark hair, born from the smile of the Queen of the Universe. It was said that she lived somewhere in a golden castle with a garden full of unique flowers. Of these flowers, seven were the most special and fragrant. It was an amazing place and none could see it because it was hidden where no people would ever have thought of looking.

The Princess possessed thousands of powers and the ability to make magic. She was created together with the human beings to help them improve themselves by growing and evolving through Innovation, Science, Creativity and Love. Very few people knew about her existence, but those who did would seek her everywhere. It was whispered that the one who would get to know her would find great joy and eternal treasure!
The Princess retired to her castle for lifetimes, waiting for the day that someone with pure desire could find, awaken her and discover her treasures.

The eras passed by until her mother, the Queen of the Universe, seeing her always so sad and alone, decided to reveal the castle’s entrance and show everyone the way to the secret garden.

The first person to meet the Princess was an old man who have been travelling a lot during his life either for work and leisure. He knew the history and culture of many countries around the world and kept plenty of contacts from all the friends met during his wonderful unique trips. In his childhood this man was always dreaming to become a busy businessman. One day, after having left one of the hundreds airports visited, he ‘accidentally’ run into the path of the Garden and saw the Princess immediately after having accessed the gate.

After the man a lady came in. She was attracted by the deep shining emanated by the seven flowers in the atmosphere. The air around the castle was really special in color and features and used to have threads of light as a big torch lifting up in one direction. In different moments of day and night it was possible to see different ranges of brightness. The lady arrived accompanied by her husband and the recent born baby Sya. The family was having a walk in the pinewood as they enjoyed free time of the day. They were living not far from the secret garden and were familiar with the nature of the place.
However it was the first time for Katya to notice the brithness of the torch coming out from the flowers and jumping stright to the sky. Only she could see them and kept telling her husband: Look! look at them… how strong is their light. Please look. He would try but in vain. On the other hand he could smell a kind of a fragrance, a rare smell that even in the most ecsotic of the gardens on Earth it was impossible to feel. This garden was true Heaven!

Sya sneaked out from the stroller. Very rapidly she started crawling towards a red flower. The baby girl was incredibly beautiful, she had a round ivorish belly and the face shaped round as well; her eyes were long and black in color, filled with the pure joy of all the children of the world. She was the perfect child, of the same perfection that any child can naturally hold. Satya did not realize how fast was this girl to escape for reaching her favourite flower. Why this red flower was so special?
There was only silence surrounding the garden, the sense of mistery had completely evaneshed, the atmosphere was totally familiar now and you could feel that this garden was real, was the real home that everybody dreams about…

by Everything is enlightened creates robust roots for the tree to grow

Source: Oblo Project


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