Treatments for a cold (phlegm, running nose)

1) For phlegm, tulsi leaves (basil) boiled in hot water for sometime with rock sugar/etc really helps. You can give this to the child everyday until the phlegm clears. It is always advisable to check vibrations on whether this treatment is suitable for the child 🙂 .

2) Putting both hands on the child’s chest or back, giving vibrations also helps a lot.

3) What is also helping is to sleep through the night with an onion cut
in two and put next to the bed. It clears the air and opens the nose. Can
also be combined with ajwan burning in the room. Or some oil sprinkled on
the sheets. Like T-tree oil or Indian oil against cold. (from Birgitte).

4) I found a Native Indian remedy for stuffed up chests to be extremely
effective when our children were small.

Sage leaf tea: Take a few sage leaves from the garden or grocery store
and simmer them to make a tea. It is somewhat bitter so I add ribena
or juice with honey and make it not too strong. 3 bottles or cups of
this a day for a few days is usually enough to dry up the phlegm and
allow the child to sleep at night. Probably with young babies the
mixture should be mild. I never used a humidifier after we started this
tea. (from Felicity)

5) When her child was little (appr. 6 months – 1,3 yrs), a friend of mine used to burn the lower part of the garlic stem: a garlic clove with a part of the stem was placed near the child’s bed and the upper end of the stem was smouldering for some time. The child’s nose cleared out and she could peacefully fall asleep. (from Anastasia)


One thought on “Treatments for a cold (phlegm, running nose)

  1. sharada

    jaishrimataji ,
    these are most help full tips to sahaj mothers to treat their children with
    sahaj medicine &this also devolpes more healthy &cordial realation ship .
    do keep sending such experiences for they will be very helpfull for the sahaj mothers who are really keen in adopting sahaj way to bring up their childrean .thankyou for the same.

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