A program in a children’s camp

On July 20, 2007, we conducted Sahaja programs in a children’s camp “Yunnaty” (near the City of Cherkassy, Ukraine). As usual, spontaneity won. We learnt about the program just 4 days before it and we had to prepare a program forkids of 10-13 years old during a very short period of time. As it was a working day, we did not count on our bhajan-group. Some items of the program were born spontaneously which were united in one program on the day of our arrival to the camp.

A small cozy hall, which we found ourselves in, met us with about 80 kids. A sister and a brother were conducting the program in national costumes (the brother – in Ukrainian and the sister – in Indian). We put an accent on games, competitions, dances and songs.

First we suggested the children to learn a song in three languages: Russian, Japanese and Spanish. When we were singing the words “If you like it, do so”, the children were following the presenters raising the Kundalini. When the same words were sung in Japanese (the country of the rising sun), the children showed a sun around themselves (bandhan). When the same words were sung in Spanish, we all clap our hands. At the end, we made one complete song in three languages from all these words and the raising of the Kundalini and a bandhan with joyful clapping were made to the accompaniment of it.

The favourite song of children “Shri Ganesha” was performed after it. To the accompaniment of a cheerful song “Oh, lal Merry” the children were dancing together with Sahaja Yogis repeating the movements of Indian dances after them. We all were also dancing in a ring holding each other’s hands.

Afterwards, we suggested the children to show a rain. First we divided them into three teams: the first team was called “elephants”, the second – “tigers”, the third – “monkeys”. When the rain stopped, the kids closed their eyes, put their hands on their hearts – on the place where the purest, most innocent, most joyful smile is born. First they presented themselves with that smile and then, when they opened their eyes, they gave it to their neighbours. Then they raised their hands up to the sky and presented the whole Planet, everything living on the Earth, with it.

Our two sisters went onto the stage and performed a little wonderful Indian dance (though they had never performed any Indian dances before; they had just invented and rehearsed a dance right there). Then two girls were suggested to try on saris. While the girls were putting on saris behind the curtains, the presenters told the rest of the children a moral story and suggested them to think of its idea. A ray of light called Generosity, Content and Care helped them to find the answer. The sari demonstration flowed into Ukrainian-Indian dances and songs. At that very cheerful point we said farewell to the children.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Sahaja Yogis from Cherkass, Ukraine


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