The Faulty Sags

There is a myth that says every man is born with two invisible sacks and carries the burden of these sacks through out his life. These invisible sacks hang from two sides of his neck, one at the front and the other at the back. These sacks help load different types of “fault’s” that he accumulates through out his life. The one at the front helps loading “other’s faults”, while the one at the back helps loading “his own-faults” a result of his own action. Ironically, the one hanging at the front is always visible to him and he loves to check it up all the time and reminds others from time to time that loads the “other’s faults”. But the sack at the back loaded with “his own-faults” remains unnoticed forever.

This fact shows the reasons why a person always loves to readily pick up faults of others and reminds them while his own faults go unnoticed to him as it remains at the back.

In a Sahaja parlance how true is the moral of the story as one’s “ego” always helps to point out other’s fault judged with ones own standards that emerges from the sack(Agnya) at the front while the sack (Agnya) at the back that accumulates faults by his own deeds remains in silence for long . The Maha Ganesha’s blessings only can help cleanse the load of the back sack, while Shri Jesus helps us cleanse our front sack.

by Ranjana & Rabi , India


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