Hostas the Crab

So we went to Alki Beach a few weekends ago. I found a dead crab, limbs intact and showed it to my son who decided instantly that his name was “Hostas” and that he needed a home. So we chugged him in a glass bottle and baby put lots of sand and rocks in “to make him feel like home”.

So everyday after preschool he’d go bounding on the deck to see how Hostas was doing and why he hardly ever did anything?! Poor thing, dead already and now being urged by the innocence of a 4yr old to return to this world and do tricks…

So, we did that for a week almost. then the bottle began to smell and I threw it away while my son was at school. So he goes, “Mommeee where’s Hostas?” and I go “maybe the bird took him away cuz he was sitting out in the open.” so he starts looking really angrily at this bird’s nest in our building and I said “well birds also need to feed their kids you know”. So then he’s asking where their grocery stores are, on top of the trees or where. I told him that Mama bird has to go grab worms and food for the little birdies till they can fly and it’s a lot of work for mama bird. The socialist that my son is, goes “but where is papa bird? and brothers? poor mama bird.” The day ended with him putting 2 ziplock lids on his shoulders and saying, “look baby birdies, I’m going to teach you to fly. first you put on your wings and then you flap them, strong. then you go to the store and buy food.”

By Prianka Joshi

Source: Monsoon Masala blog


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