Boys vs Girls

“How early does the preference for same gender playmates begin? My son is 3.5yrs old and he already told me that “Mommy, you can’t love me more than Daddy. Only Daddy can because he’s a boy and all the boys are friends”.

Today I was taking him to the “Grossology” exhibit and he was pretending to be driving his fighter jet, stuck in his car seat. He kept asking dad to fly his jet but dad had his hands on the wheel and couldn’t give into him. So, he goes, “Mommeee, can you fly with me?” I just wanted to enjoy Seattle’s verdant greenery, so I ho-hummed something. He goes, “You can do it mom, just put on your Girly mask, and push your Girly buttons on your Girly jet and YOU CAN DO IT, MOM!” His enthusiasm was so contagious, so innocent! I did just that. Something common is better than nothing, right?!

I think the next thing that’ll put me in his circle of love will include me in a Spiderwoman suit or finger painting with egg yolks on the walls of our living room. Wait for pictures!”

by Priyanka Joshi

Source: Indian Journalist in America blog

P.S. The name of the main character is Pranav Anand and he’s almost 4 yrs old. He’s a very deep child. When his mother was in hospital to give birth to him there was an “Aumkara” in the sky right outside her window the whole time she was there (2 days)!

The Flower-School

photo: axinia

When storm-clouds rumble in the sky and
June showers come down,

The moist east wind comes marching over the heath
to blow its bagpipes amongst the bamboos.

The crowds of flowers come out of a sudden,
from nobody knows where,
and dance upon the grass in wild glee.

Mother, I really think the flowers go to school underground.

They do their lessons with doors shut,
and if they want to come out to play before it is time,
their master makes them stand in a corner.

When the rains come they have their holidays.

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Just to make you smile

Two stories from my 4 year old (adding to what hanna wrote!)

Me: Priya don’t go close to the street because cars are coming.

Priya: Yes I know, it will hit me and I will be dead. (I did not really teach her that….)

Me: Yes, and then you will be reborn and have a new family.

Priya gets really excited: Wow, and then I will have a new Mummy and a new Daddy, and you will be my auntie!!!!!!!!!!


Just now before she is coming back from Borotin kindergarten, I called her to explain that Auntie Sweta is bringing her in the plane.

Me (talking slowly and clearly to make her understand and hoping not to disappoint her, that we are not coming to the school):

Ok, so you will be in the plane with auntie and Ambika (Sweta’s daughter) and then at the airport, when you are landing, Mummy and Daddy and the boys will be there.

Priya: So are we going to Ambika’s house?

Me: Nono, sweetie, we are going home!!!!!!

Priya starts crying: I WANT TO GO TO AMBIKA’s HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The King & the beggar


A poor man once decided to sit at the curbside of a market place to beg for alms.
Since the market was crowded, he was lucky, as lots of people dropped coins in his collection box. He sang songs to draw attention and people enjoyed this and rewarded him with money.
Suddenly there was a big commotion and he realized that the King was going to pass by with all the pomp and glory.

He quickly decided that somehow he should come in front & draw attention to himself, in hope of a big reward.

As soon as this thought passed his mind, he found that a poor beggar came & stood near him. He asked the man for some food. At first, the man tried to shirk him and asked him to leave, saying he was himself begging & had nothing to give him. However, the beggar pleaded that he should give him at least something. To get rid of him, the man opened his “potli” (a bundle of things tied in a cloth), took out a grain of rice & gave him. Then he waited for the King to arrive, but the King simply passed by without even glancing once at him.

Dejected, he went home & opened his “potli” to find that one grain of rice had turned to gold.

Alas! The man now realized that the beggar who came to him was indeed the King, God Himself, and when he asked him for food, he was so miserly that he unwillingly parted with only one grain, in order to get rid of him, so that he could be alone to face the King when he arrived.

He lamented, If only I had recognized You, oh God & had willingly give You my all!!

How many people in this world, recognize God in lowly forms & how many are ready to offer their all to Him?!!

the story was sent by Armaity H. Bhabha

the picture by Jean-Luc Michel

A Film on making toys

This is a link to an interesting film on the ways to make toys –

A creative Children’s Science Centre in India where Children come to make things from trash is described in it. Whatever the kids make they take it back home – a flying fish, flexagon, straw flute, simple motor, pump to pop a balloon. This is a hands-on centre where children experience the joy of making things.

After watching the film you may get some ideas how to organize your child’s entertainment and learning at the same time.

Borrowing and Giving back

birdOnce upon a time, there lived two neighbours who were great friends. They had grown up together and played as children. When they grew big, they married and had their own families.
However, one of them was more street-smart than the other and also a bit of a miser.

He loved to save his money and so each time he never missed an opportunity to go and borrow anything he needed, promising his friend that he would return it soon.

He borrowed a cup of sugar & returned one and a half cup the next day, he took tea leaves and returned some more of it, he took vegetables and always returned some more. The friend was hesitant to take back more and asked him why he did that. The miser replied that everything which came to his house increased in quantity, as this was God’s boon to him. The friend was benefitted and hence he accepted this unthinkable explanation. Continue reading “Borrowing and Giving back”