From Dharamsala with love. Junior section. Fun stuff :)

– Tell the class the first thing that comes to your mind.

– We should balance our left and right side every day and meditate everyday. Those who don’t do, will get this! (And he showed her mosquito bites.) (Shivani, class 2)


Two new aunties came, they got boys. To deal with them and to stay calm – only prayers, bandhans and shoebeats that helped. Once they go after dinner to their dorms:

– I’ll go to my dorm and see, maybe I have to go and pray.

– I think, I should go and pray right now.


Auntie doing bandhan:

– Shri Mataji, we have today a birthday party in dorm 11. Let them just eat the cake and go to bed at 9.30, Shri Mataji, at 9.30…


«My favourite deity is Shri Ganesha, because it’s the only deity I can draw”


I told them to say their favourite words and write them down on the board.

Class 2B: Sahaja Yoga, mother, Shri Mataji, light, Mahatma Gandhi…

Class 2A: pizza, hamburger, cheese, salami, pasta…


Children, write one line of this word.

Vinayak: – Why?

Because this way we are preparing for the exam.

Vinayak: – Good idea!


-What are you going to do as a grown up yogi?

-I’ll be a leader in our center and I’ll lead all meditations by myself.

-Today your meditation leading was very good.

-I know!


A teacher:

– I don’t know what to do, I have to take class 4A and 4B and also class 3A, it’s too much.

– Don’t worry. God will bless you.

– I’m sure, I’m sure….


I rubbed something from the board:

– Don’t rub!

(I started to write it again for them)

– She is writing! She is magnificent!

(Class 2)


– I don’t know where my copy is. I think my teacher has it. Maybe she wants to show it to her family. (Class 2)


Our teacher never tells lies. She can say accidentally some stuff, but she never tells lies.


A teacher says at the meeting about one girl.
– She always talks in meditation hall, if she doesn’t find anybody to talk to, she will talk to herself.


The most common dialogue in the school:
– I’m the first!
– No way! Shri Mataji is the first!
– Then I’m the second!

Collected by Alima (Russia)

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