Massage for Children

A massage/drawing which can be made for chidlren from time to time is the following:
First, the whole back is being stroked, i.e. the Universe is being drawn. Then the turn comes for the sacrum bone – it is the Earth planet where a sky-rocket is being built which will be launched in the direction of the farthest planet in the Universe.

Then the chakras-planets are massaged/drawn: Muladhara-Mars, Swadisthan-Mercury, Nabhi – Jupiter, the large area around Jupiter is void, Vishudhi-Saturn, the front Aghia is the Sun giving light, the back Aghia is Neptune, Sahasrara – Pluton.

The rocket is built. We are launching it with the beeja-mantra “Reem” raising the Kundalini with our hands several times. Then we ask the children to close their eyes and try to feel whether the rocket has reached the far planet, whether they feel the cool breeze. We meditate for a while.

In the same way one may draw/massage a child using the names of the stones which correspond to the chakras: coral, amethyst, emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond and pearls.
One can make a massage drawing flowers with the description of the chakra, watering them with vibrations and weeding.

One can draw a fir-tree and then put small balls as decorations onto it – the balls of the colours corresponding to the chakras. And in the parts of the head where there are ego and superego the balls can be, vice versa, erased, with the explanation that these balls should not be big as then they can bring the whole tree down. And afterwards a garland (the Kundalini) and a star on the top of the head can be lit.

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