Babies with high bilirubin levels

My son had high bilirubin levels after the birth and we were told that children who are born early (elias was born at 36th week)  are at higher risk in getting jaundice. On his 4th day after birth we spent 24h in the hospital and he was put in this see-through cabinet where he had light under and on top of him. I got to stay in the same room with him over the whole period of time and what i did was put Shri Mataji’s picture next to his head in the cabinet and i’d work on his liver for some time every now and then. Levels were extremely high and they were amazed after drawing blood from his heel that he got to go home so early and there was no problem after.

So if you go to hospital with your son, please don’t be afraid, realized kids are very strong from the birth and even though it seems bad for you to put the newborn child in the light cabinet with the biliband and only take him out for the feedings. The cabinet is very warm and it is quite comfortable for the baby. Elias was very comfy there and just slept through the whole time.

With love, Saila (a year after the experience)

One thought on “Babies with high bilirubin levels

  1. Reena

    My newborn had the same problem. It was cured over several weeks by “sunbathing” in the morning sunshine between about 8.30am and 10.00am but not when the sun starts to get higher in the sky. Of course, this is only possible in the summer/warm climate.

    “please don’t be afraid, realized kids are very strong from the birth”

    Saila your words are very heartening, thank you x

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