elephant(sufi wisdom)

An elephant who belonged to a group of vagrant artists appeared not far from the city the people of which had never seen elephants before. On hearing of such a miracle four curious citizens decided to get permission to see the elephant before the others. As there was no light in the stall where the elephant was kept, they had to examine the strange animal in darkness.

Having touched the trunk, one of them decided that the creature reminded a hose. Another felt one of the ears all over and made the conclusion that the elephant looked like a large fan. The third happened to touch one of the elephant’s legs which he was able to compare only with a natural column. And the fourth having put his hand onto the elephant’s back was sure that the creature was like a throne.


None of them could make the complete picture on what each of them had been able to touch. Thus, each of them considered only himself right.

Does it remind you something in the modern world?

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