Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

This is the title of a hilarious kids’ book I read my son tonight before he dozed off. The town of “Chewandswallow” has great weather which rolls around bfast, lunch and dinner. It rains food, people don’t have to cook for a day and they don’t even own refrigerators! My son thought it was the coolest thing to not have to cook and I agreed with him completely :).

The funniest part was when he saw hotdogs raining from the sky, he had to stop and ask me, “Mommy, is that squid on the hotdog?”I’m used to hearing a lot of new words and thoughts from him but even I did a double take when I heard that. How imaginative! On another thought though, I think he’s on his way to being a gourmet. Sigh.

Source: Indian Journalist in America blog

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