Boys vs Girls

“How early does the preference for same gender playmates begin? My son is 3.5yrs old and he already told me that “Mommy, you can’t love me more than Daddy. Only Daddy can because he’s a boy and all the boys are friends”.

Today I was taking him to the “Grossology” exhibit and he was pretending to be driving his fighter jet, stuck in his car seat. He kept asking dad to fly his jet but dad had his hands on the wheel and couldn’t give into him. So, he goes, “Mommeee, can you fly with me?” I just wanted to enjoy Seattle’s verdant greenery, so I ho-hummed something. He goes, “You can do it mom, just put on your Girly mask, and push your Girly buttons on your Girly jet and YOU CAN DO IT, MOM!” His enthusiasm was so contagious, so innocent! I did just that. Something common is better than nothing, right?!

I think the next thing that’ll put me in his circle of love will include me in a Spiderwoman suit or finger painting with egg yolks on the walls of our living room. Wait for pictures!”

by Priyanka Joshi

Source: Indian Journalist in America blog

P.S. The name of the main character is Pranav Anand and he’s almost 4 yrs old. He’s a very deep child. When his mother was in hospital to give birth to him there was an “Aumkara” in the sky right outside her window the whole time she was there (2 days)!

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