The King & the beggar


A poor man once decided to sit at the curbside of a market place to beg for alms.
Since the market was crowded, he was lucky, as lots of people dropped coins in his collection box. He sang songs to draw attention and people enjoyed this and rewarded him with money.
Suddenly there was a big commotion and he realized that the King was going to pass by with all the pomp and glory.

He quickly decided that somehow he should come in front & draw attention to himself, in hope of a big reward.

As soon as this thought passed his mind, he found that a poor beggar came & stood near him. He asked the man for some food. At first, the man tried to shirk him and asked him to leave, saying he was himself begging & had nothing to give him. However, the beggar pleaded that he should give him at least something. To get rid of him, the man opened his “potli” (a bundle of things tied in a cloth), took out a grain of rice & gave him. Then he waited for the King to arrive, but the King simply passed by without even glancing once at him.

Dejected, he went home & opened his “potli” to find that one grain of rice had turned to gold.

Alas! The man now realized that the beggar who came to him was indeed the King, God Himself, and when he asked him for food, he was so miserly that he unwillingly parted with only one grain, in order to get rid of him, so that he could be alone to face the King when he arrived.

He lamented, If only I had recognized You, oh God & had willingly give You my all!!

How many people in this world, recognize God in lowly forms & how many are ready to offer their all to Him?!!

the story was sent by Armaity H. Bhabha

the picture by Jean-Luc Michel


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