Just to make you smile

Two stories from my 4 year old (adding to what hanna wrote!)

Me: Priya don’t go close to the street because cars are coming.

Priya: Yes I know, it will hit me and I will be dead. (I did not really teach her that….)

Me: Yes, and then you will be reborn and have a new family.

Priya gets really excited: Wow, and then I will have a new Mummy and a new Daddy, and you will be my auntie!!!!!!!!!!


Just now before she is coming back from Borotin kindergarten, I called her to explain that Auntie Sweta is bringing her in the plane.

Me (talking slowly and clearly to make her understand and hoping not to disappoint her, that we are not coming to the school):

Ok, so you will be in the plane with auntie and Ambika (Sweta’s daughter) and then at the airport, when you are landing, Mummy and Daddy and the boys will be there.

Priya: So are we going to Ambika’s house?

Me: Nono, sweetie, we are going home!!!!!!

Priya starts crying: I WANT TO GO TO AMBIKA’s HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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