The universal child

Heaven Baby image by Edward Saugstad

God dreamed,

And in Her dreams She saw

The Perfect Form

To reveal Her Love:


In soft

And tender, rosy limbs;

In gentle, curious,

Tickling buds;

In plump

And soothing curves that glow

With generous, happiest



With bright

Caressing, sunny eyes,

And ears to hear

What’s pure and dear;


With tiny,

Shiny lips and tongue

Which taste and sing

And breathe sweetness.


One simplest, gracious Form,

The Best from God

Was humbly born.


And with

Each murmur, smile and wink,

The Mother’s Heart

Did bound and leap!


With each

Fumbling, curious grasp,

The Mother’s Voice

Was heard to laugh!


And when

That Child was sleeping sound,

The Mother’s tears

Of Joy ran down . . .


No flower,

No hill, nor moonlit sea

Can match that deep



Those soft

Eyelids, so calm in sleep,

Do lull to peace

The whole world’s grief,


As, cool

And clear, comes from Above,

That heartfelt Sigh

Of Mother’s Love.

– e. e. saugstad, 1996

Source: Self-Help blog


3 thoughts on “The universal child

  1. Valentina

    The poem is so beautiful that it just cannot but being admired!
    Thank you very much for showing us such a sweet form of our
    Divine Mother.
    Valentina, Israel

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