Borrowing and Giving back

birdOnce upon a time, there lived two neighbours who were great friends. They had grown up together and played as children. When they grew big, they married and had their own families.
However, one of them was more street-smart than the other and also a bit of a miser.

He loved to save his money and so each time he never missed an opportunity to go and borrow anything he needed, promising his friend that he would return it soon.

He borrowed a cup of sugar & returned one and a half cup the next day, he took tea leaves and returned some more of it, he took vegetables and always returned some more. The friend was hesitant to take back more and asked him why he did that. The miser replied that everything which came to his house increased in quantity, as this was God’s boon to him. The friend was benefitted and hence he accepted this unthinkable explanation.

Now the borrowing & returning went on for some time.
One day the miser came & borrowed some vessels to cook food for a party. The friend gave them most willingly. As expected it was returned with additional small vessels and he was told that at night, his vessels gave birth to these small ones. The friend of course was very happy receiving more than what he gave.

After a few days, the miser came to borrow all the vessels and some furniture on the pretext that he was having a very big party. The friend was more than happy to give him and in fact urged him to take much more than he was asking for.

However, next day, the miser did not come to return all that he had taken. After waiting for two more days, the friend went to the miser, asking him to return the borrowed stuff. The miser put on a most solemn face and sadly answered that he was unable to do that as all the vessels and the furniture died at night. “How can inanimate things like vessels & furniture die?” asked the man.

“Well, if they can give birth, surely they can die too”, replied the miser.

Now, the man had no answer to that. In his greed, he had accepted the foolish explanation when it benefited him, and now when it was detrimental to him, he could not do much.

The moral of the story is that one should be truthful always and not accept things only when it is beneficial to us.

the story was sent by Armaity H. Bhabha

the picture is drawn by Jean-Luc Michel (France)


One thought on “Borrowing and Giving back

  1. Indiana and Kiara Donlevy (9 and & years old)

    Thankyou for your story, we really liked it and learnt from it.
    Indy and Kiara

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