The Top Secret of Success


by a4gpa

It is not another of thousands books with do`s and dont?s how to be successful.

It is just about the fact: children are the most successful of us all as they succeed to be loved just for what they are!

What are the boys and girls made of? – goes a song from my childhood. Yes, what are they made of?

I guess, the incredible sweetness and magnetism of a child`s nature is a great mixture of innocence, wisdom, spontanety and pure heart. These qualities are manifested through two simple but genius ways:

  • a child is joy-giving
  • a child enjoys everything

How many of us, adults have preserved these miraculous features?

Being joy-giving does not mean one should laugh and smile every minute (but it comes out naturally more often, when you are joyful). The enjoyment and a pure joy of a heart is not what the mass-media is selling. It has not much to do with the body…

Enjoying everything makes the life incredibly easy and makes you a winner in every situation. Let?s say, someone is angry. You look at that person and just see how actually ridiculous he/she is in this fury, or how perfect the expression of anger is or how funny that would look in a film.
The only thing is – I am afraid, one can not learn it in any course. No physiotherapist or trainer would be able to teach you that.

Only your spirit.

LOVE, axinia (1000 Petals blog)


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